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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 43 and 44

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 43

(Camping pt 3–(You’re just jealous)
Payton’s POV

The Next Morning
I yawned loudly as i opened my eyes and muttered Serani’s name to pass me the bottle of water on the lower bunk.I got no reply and that’s when the events of yesterday flashed through my head as I opened my eyes…

Serani is gone..

She’s gone and she’s never coming back…

I let out another yawn and jumped down from the bed seeing Theresa,Nicole’s best friend snoring like a pig.I glanced over at the clock and saw that it was still 7am in the morning and according to our itinerary everyone was supposed to assemble in the middle of the woods by 10:30am…

‘Close the curtains would ya??’..Theresa murmured as I peeped out the window to check for anything interesting..

‘Sorry’..I replied and climbed back to my head.I released a sigh and closed my eyes expecting sleep to come but no—instead the screams,the tears,Brody’s face,Chase’s kiss,Trevor’s disappointed look all wavered into my brain like a flash.I whimpered loudly and covered my head with the pillow waiting for a miracle to happen…


‘Hey Payton,come sit with me’..I heard Chase call while i was deliberately trying to hide from him..

‘Oh hey Chase you look fine i presume’..I replied cursing myself silently..

‘Yeah and have I told you how —

‘Beautiful I look yeah I got it’..I cut in and he grinned stupidly.I sat next to him and when his hand rested on my waist I jerked lightly.Serani and Trevor walked past me without saying a word but I didn’t pay attention to them.If only they knew how hurt i am by their actions they would come back running but it’s okay i don’t need them anyway.Brody was at the other side with his hands resting on a tree and a girl smiling as he charmed her with his words.I shuffled a bit nearer to Chase to expect a sort of reaction but no —He didn’t even glance over at me one bit..

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He’s a f**king bastard that’s what he is…

His constant berating is the reason why I wanted to change in the first place and now that I have he doesn’t even seem to care..

‘So Payton about last night i—



‘Yes Chase I’ll be your girlfriend’..


‘Yeah’..I replied and he hugged me really tight pressing soft kisses to my face..

‘Thank you so much Payton I won’t hurt you for the world!!’..he said aloud and ran off to meet his friends.I forced a smile but it didn’t come and instead tears welled up in my eyes.I quickly dried them up before anyone noticed and stood up when Mr Rudolf appeared..

It’s okay Payton you like him don’t you??..

You like Chase Dumpkin and he likes you back..

You don’t need Serani or Brody and most especially you don’t need Brody Anderson the bastard who made you do this in the first place..

I sniffed loudly and excused myself for the bathroom.Just after i was done I came out and someone grabbed my hands to a corner and when I opened my eyes it was Brody..

‘What on earth are you doing??’..He asked and i frowned crossing my arms..

‘What does it look like I’m doing??’..i retorted and he scoffed..

‘B**ch you can do a lot of things but agreeing to be Chase Dumpkin’s girlfriend?? That’s sick!!’..He yelled..

‘You’re just jealous of me!! You’re just jealous because I’m happy and you’re not!!’..

‘Ohhh what is my business with you!! All I know is that I don’t want you getting pregnant in my mother’s house,Chase is a sex magnet Payton and don’t say I didn’t warn you’..He said and walked away..

‘You’re just jealous Brody Anderson!! You’re just jealous I’m doing fine without you!!’..

????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 44

(Camping pt 4–(Trapped)
Payton’s POV

‘Ughhh’..I groaned loudly as I stomped back to the middle of the roads where everyone was.Brody was talking to another girl by the time I got there and to spite him the more i kissed Chase’s cheek..

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‘Listen up delinquents!! We’re going hiking into Mara woods and since Principal Terian and I would be busy he’s assigned a partner to each and everyone of you,Brody Anderson and Trevor Whatever would be your guide and they are both in charge,If you need anything ask them got that??’..He asked and everyone grumbled..

‘Yes sir!!’..

‘Good so if you hear your names go hold your partner,Britney Spears and Rodney Cole…’..He continued calling names and I kept glancing over to Brody who in returned frowned when our eyes met..

Was he lying about the part of Chase being a sex magnet or is he just jealous??…

‘I hope we get paired together baby’..Chase whispered and I smirked..

‘Trevor whatever and Serani I don’t care’..Mr Rudolf continued and everyone laughed.No one knows why but he doesn’t like Serani and Trevor one bit…

Not liking Serani? Understandable but Trevor??

‘Brody Anderson and Payton Carlson’..He said and I gasped..

‘What?!!Mr Rudolf I’d like another partner please I don’t want her’..Brody protested and he frowned deeply..

‘Chase Dumpkin and Nicole Kidman’..He continued and I groaned walking over to Brody who was at that time sulking..

‘Don’t go overboard I’m also not happy being paired with you’..I whispered.He didn’t say a word and just kept sulking.I sighed deeply and waited patiently as Mr Rudolf paired the rest of the students.Once everything was done we grabbed our hiking gear and headed deeper into the woods..

‘Okay guys we’re splitting into twenty groups,each group contains four people okay so pair yourselves as quickly as possible —Trevor since you’re a fellow camp guide you and Serani would come with this girl and I,Once it’s 6pm everyone is expected to come back to this same spot and if you get lost there’s a receptor in your gear so you can contact Trevor and I or any nearby person’..Brody explained with the flowing grace of a leader.Everyone went their separate ways remaining him,Serani,Trevor and I…

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Jeez why did this have to be so awkward??…

They’re not even on good terms with me and now we’re going on hiking together..

‘So where are we going captain??’..Trevor asked glancing at me but turned away immediately.I could see the disappointed look on his face and the scornful one on Serani’s as Brody explained where we were going…

‘Why don’t we explore that cave??’..I asked pointing at the cave in the map..

‘I didn’t ask for your opinion’..Brody replied harshly..

‘Dude what’s your problem with me anyway?!! If you guys don’t want me here then fine I’ll go explore the cave myself!!’..I lashed at him and Serani guffawed a bit..

‘No you won’t cause according to Principal Terian I’m in charge and what i say goes!!!’..He yelled…

Like why on earth does he use every opportunity to bully me?!!..

‘Well you’re not the boss of me and i won’t let you bully me anymore!! You can stay with the people that pretend to be my friends’..I replied throwing Serani and Trevor a haughty glare..

‘Hey you are the f**king fake friend!! You’re now the most popular girl in highschool so you decide abandon your uncool friends!! I was there for you when you needed me!! I stood up for you and the slightest opportunity you stopped being friends just because of Dumb Chase!! You can go to your cave we don’t Care!!’..Serani screamed and I angrily walked away.Brody called me back but I didn’t reply and ran away with all might and as I made a sharp turn I fell into a very deep ditch..

It was so deep and when I tried getting out i fell back down..

‘Help!!! Help!!! Somebody help me!!!’…I screamed but all I heard was bird chirping in return..

Oh no I think I’m trapped