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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 60

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Daddy’s Girl.

(Getting Her Pregnant)

Episode 60

Chloe’s POV

“Yes, it’s true that both of you use to be Lovers, I do not know what happened but I found out you to be in the hospital then.

On getting to the hospital, I saw Kaden standing by you. I knew at once that he must be in some sort of relationship with you, I jailed him for six months so he can stay away from you.” My dad said.

“Really? How come I didn’t remember any of these?” I asked.

“Because I didn’t want you too. ”

“Is there a way I can recollect all that happened?” I ask.

“I don’t think so dear, unless someone tells you all that happened. You may probably ask him more about how your past use to be.” My dad said.

I nodded and walked inside.

Adam Seth’s POV

Oh! So even after jailing this boy for six months , he would still not stay away from my daughter.

Like seriously?

I will deal mercilessly with him. I put a call across to one of my boys and ordered that Kaden be kidnapped till I gave them order for him to be released.

Kian’s POV

Chloe had told me the hotel that she was and the room she lodged. She had said she wanted to see me.

I planted a knock on the door to her room and she opened it. I walked in gently.

“Kian! ” She called as we hugged.

“How have you been?” I asked as I find where to sit.

“Not bad, you?”

“I’m fine.” I retorted.

“Kaden told me that he and I use to be lovers , do you know anything about It?” She asked me.

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My heart suddenly start to beat heavily. I couldn’t move any part of my body for the first few seconds. I was stiff and breathless.

Really? Never knew Kaden meant it when he said he will tell Chloe everything about their past just because I refuse to answer his question on why I loathe ladies.

“Kian…aren’t you going to answer me?” She asked and I exhaled heavily.

“I…I do.” I said.

“Really? You knew Kaden and I use to be lovers and you…” She couldn’t say any more word as she covered her mouth and looked away.

She seems disappointed that I never tell her.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” I whispered.

“Reall? Can you hear yourself? You didn’t tell me for your selfish reasons, so we can be together right?” She asked.

I was quiet for a while, I knew she was angry.

“I’m sorry.” I pleaded and she just looked away.

She turned her face to me but I already saw tears streaming down her face.

“So Kaden and I were once lovers.” She mumbled softly to herself but audible enough for me to hear.

“I hope you find a place to forgve me in your heart.” I let out pathtcally.

She sniffed and seem to put her emotions under control as she asked: “What break us up?”

My heart tightened against my rib cage, my breathing became heavy. I was scared to the gut.

I lowered my head and loathed myself that I waited for the truth to unveil itself before telling it to her.

Should I tell her the truth? At this point, I love her so much and lying to her is no longer an option.

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“I broke you up.” I said as I raised my head to look at her.

I thought I would be able to stare inside her face and tell her but my courage failed me as I quickly lowered my head sadly and feeling grossly
embarrassed and scared.

“I did not get that…I mean, did you just say , you break us up?” She asked.

“Yes!” I tried to fake boldness in my words but my strength failed me as I find my mouth shaking and tears falling on my cheek.

My body was shivering as my past seems to be taking fast revenge on me. I thought my past is gone…I had thought that my past had forgiven me.

But here it is, devouring me.

“How?” Chloe asked. Her words are now like echoe to my ears, they are the only sound that filled my ears and my heart.

“I use to loathe ladies…” I snifed in as I cried silently with my head lowered so she would not know I was crying.

I continued: “I found out my brother was dating you, I traced where you guys went one day and hit you with stone…my….my….” I couldn’t complete my words as heavy tears started to pour like an heavy rain on my face.

I was losing myself, the world seems to be crashing before me. I dare not look at Chloe’s face. I sunk to my knees and I couldn’t even see as tears had already covered my eyes.

Aw…See our Kian confessing the truth.