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His Signature. Episode 36

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(The wedding)

…………. Episode 36……

By: Faith Lucky
????Alex’s pov ????
I turned on the bed for a while before waking up to a lovely Saturday morning. Today’s my cousin, Stanley’s wedding.
He’s getting married to an Indian girl.

Stanley is lucky his mother is not as castigating or discriminative like my mom. He made his choice and everyone respected that.
My mom is a problem right now. Much more to what am about to do today…

I looked at my side staring into Rachel’s sweet sleeping face.
How beautiful could she get everyday?

She has to be the one for me.
Am gonna do what I believe is right and I believe Rachel is going to make an awesome bride.

It may sound too sudden but I’ve made up my mind.
She did past the test I gave her last night. I pretended to be restless and she was right by my side, staying awake with me despite the fact she was awfully tired from the travel.

Huh, I love her.
I kissed her on her cheek and I felt her shudder.
Hmm, she’s quite sensitive.

She raised her head a bit before opening her eyes. She looked adorable.

“Good morning babe. “I cooed laying back on the bed.
She yawned but not too wide.

“Mm.. Morning . “she chipped slumping back on the bed.
“What’s the time? ”

I took my phone and looked into it ignoring the big clock hanging at a distance in the room.

“9:30 sleepy pants. “I teased her.

She sighed and closed her eyes again. I guess she had gone back to sleep.

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I turned to my phone. Lots of messages from mom and my cousin.
I ignored them but what caught my attention was the message from June marked as already seen at the list.

I read the message.
Rachel must have read them earlier last night while I was in the shower.

Why didn’t she tell me about it?

I thought she’d be mad or something. Why is she conserving the feelings she must have felt when she read the message?

Rachel is passing the tests just so easily. She has self control ????

I smiled at her.
How lucky could I get?
“Rach baby. Wake up. This is India, the wedding rituals are gonna start soon. Get your butt of the bed! “I squealed holding her arm.

She exhaled tiredly and spread her arms towards me.

“Carry me to the shower. “She said with her eyes closed.

I cracked as I helped her up carrying her in a bridal style to the bathroom which was luxurious and had so much space.

I dropped her on her feet and she stood on her own rubbing her eyes.

“Am fine, I’ll take it from here. “She said affirmatively taking her tooth brush from the sink…

????Rachel’s pov ????
I faced the mirror as Alex walked out of the bathroom. I was dying to look around the bathroom! I didn’t notice it the surroundings last night cause I was stressed to the bone.

The cupboard was colored in gold. I opened it immediately. My jaw dropped at the varieties of cosmetics and lotions I saw.
It was Divided. Upper bunk for female while low for men. I took a perfume my eyes came in contact with.

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“Made from India. “I read while gazing at the further infos detailed at the body of the perfume.

I sprayed it in the air.

For the love of God!!!
This was the sweetest smell I’ve ever smelt in like, forever!

How much could it be?

It looked expensive though.
I glanced at different colognes assembled at the male side of the drawer.
Oh, I wish I could taste them all, scrape that, I wish I could sniff them all.

“We’re late Rachel, am not hearing the shower running..! “Alex sang from the room.

I chuckled at how silly I was acting.
I approached the shower… Also plaited with Gold.
What’s the name of this hotel? Gold Hotels Mumbai?
I stood before the bed staring at the different dresses aligned on the bed.
Different colors, different designs and patterns… Oh God, how do I choose?

I wish I could wear one for an hour and come change into another one again..
They all looked breathtaking.

“Help me out Alex. “I said feeling emotional already as my gaze didn’t leave the dresses.

“Hmm.. The black one makes sense. Just that mom wouldn’t resist calling you a black devil or something. Go with the red one. That’s Stanley’s favorite whatever… “Alex said operating his phone.

He was all dressed up in his Indian male outfit.
Well, he beat me to dressing up cause there was two bathrooms in the suite.

The dresses were like sari and had that Indian taste but you could tell they were English dresses.

I finally got my hands on a green one.
It’s not my wedding so why do I have to suffer my brain trying to pick a dress?

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I walked to the wardrobe side with the dress and got changed.

Alex and I left the room after we were done, we headed for the elevator which would rake us downstairs. We would then get into the ride to the wedding venue.

I admired my hair the most. They looked like a real Indian girl’s hair.

“Don’t go standing with dancers when we get there cause you don’t know when they’ll start dancing and get you in the middle of it. “Alex said as we got to the lobby of the hotel.

I chuckled.
“Copy that sir. “I teased him.

We got into the limo already opened for us heading to the place.
There’s just something about this wedding that makes me twitch a little.
I hope I don’t bump into Alex’s mom.