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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 41

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{14 Nights In His Bed}



Episode 41.


I slowly close my eyes, allowing myself to relax into the warmth of the pillow that I’m holding and I lay in my side so that I can get comfortable on the couch that I’m sleeping on.

I keep changing from one side to the other because the couch just seems so tiny that it barely contains me and I’m still thinking about Carly.
Just what could that son of a b***h, Vladimir be doing to her right now?

Could it be that he’s torturing her right now? God, I don’t know what I would do if she gets really hurt because of me.

“Kath, Kathryn. Come on stand up. ”
I hear Quinn voice and I slowly open my eyes to see him hovering on top of me with his eyebrows raised at me and I quickly stand up. Raising my head to meet his gaze.

“What’s happening? Why are you crying? ‘
He says and my eyes widens as I wonder what the hell it is that he’s talking about. What does he mean by the fact that I’m crying?

I bring my finger to my cheek and it’s slightly wet and I realized that I had been in fact crying. What the hell? I didn’t realize that the tears dropped when I was thinking about Carly.
I just can’t bare the fact that she’s going to be in pains right now and it would all be because of me. She’s in trouble because of me. If she hadn’t known me, she probably wouldn’t be in this trouble with Vladimir and her life wouldn’t be in danger.

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Quinn sigh when I say nothing and he pulls me by my shoulder, bringing me together into his arms and I relax immediately in him, allowing my body to find warmth in him.

“I know that you’re still concerned about Carly and what she would be doing through right now and I know that you will feel like all of this is your fault. You will feel like she’s in trouble because of you and it’s true. She is in this mess because of you but don’t forget that it isn’t your fault. You didn’t want her in this trouble and don’t forget that she wouldn’t want you to blame yourself for this. ”
He says, slowly patting my hair and i know that I shouldn’t really but somehow I find peace in the words that he said and I hug him closer to my body, soft sobs falling from my lips as he engulfs me in his arms.

He suddenly pull me back before carrying me up and walking towards the bed. He drops me down, push his laptop aside before dropping me on the bed and my heart beats faster against my chest as I wonder if this is truly Quinn that’s doing this?

The guy that hates very much from the moment that he met me even though I have absolutely no idea why he does but he did anyways and now, I just don’t know what to think.

He pulls the duvet over me to cover my body better before smiling and planting a soft kiss on my forehead and his lips leave a trail of warmth and softness.
Heat travels through my entire body and my heart is beating faster than normal.

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I know he’s only doing all this because he doesn’t want me to think about what happening with Carly but I’m surprising myself when I will like to believe that he’s only doing this because he cares about me.