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Living With Mr Arrogant. Episode 49

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{14 Nights In His Bed}



EPISODE 49. {The End Of Everything.}








I gulp in as Quinn walks in with the other men and the guys pointing guns at us drop their gun immediately while I breathe out in relief, my faze meeting coincidentally with Quinn and I can’t face him because I know what he’s thinking abut already.

He told me to stay out in the car and I didn’t, he probably would be more than angry with me.

“Drop your guns. ”

The men says and the guys pointing guns at us sighs before shaking their head.

One moment, the men were pointing guns at them and the second moment, everything happened in such a rush that I barely even have gone to process It.

The guy is holding me with a gun point to my head.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen, you drop your guns with your hands behind your head or I’m going to shoot her right now and right this instant. ”

He says and I watch Quinn face hardens as his jaw tightens while I gulp in hardly.

Oh god, I should have really remained in the car but I just can’t stay put knowing that they are most definitely in trouble.

Quinn looks at me, lots of emotions whirling around his eyes and he slowly brings his head down, as if he’s trying to tell me something but I just don’t understand what he’s trying to say.

I gulp in, slowly raising my brows at him as the room falls in silence, none of both sides making a single move and I know we really in the mess because of me.

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If I had stayed out in the car, then Carly would have been saved right now but again, if I hadn’t arrived on time. The guy was going to kill Carly.

Quinn stares down again, hardly this time moving his head up and down, in a way that others wouldn’t notice and I finally understand what he’s trying to act.

He holds his fivd fingers up to tell me when I will have to do it and I slowly nod, my breathing heavy and my heart beating so fast against my chest.

He finally count his fingers to five and in one quick motion, I bend down immediately as Quinn charges towards the guy, kicking his hand and the gun falls from it while the room breaks into a fight.

Oh god.

I quickly run to carly as we watch Quinn and the police handle the guys and because they were just two, they were easily overpowered while I breathe out in relief, glad that it’s finally over.

“Thanks for your help, Quinn. We would be taking these two away and if we need to interrogate the girl, we will call for her. ”

One of the police miss towards Carly and I turn to her with a huge smile plaster across my face.

God. I can’t believe that we did it. We really did it! We saved her! We actually saved her.

“You idiot! You shouldn’t have done that. ”

Carly yells at me and I chuckle, shaking my head.

“I miss you too sister. ”

I grin before engulfing her into a hug and allowing myself to relax in her scent and embrace as she wraps her hand around me also.

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She has become so thin and I can feel it.

I can’t imagine just how much she suffered and it saddens me heart that it’s because of me but all the same, she’s safe now and that’s all that matters.