March 22, 2023

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Living With Mr Arrogant. Episode 42

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{14 Nights In His Bed}


{The History Between Us}




It’s the ninth day since I have been here and the fifth day since Vladimir had called me to tell me that he has Carly with him.
Quinn had said that the police have successfully been able to locate their location and are just making sure that the hostage is safe inside so they can report the situation before attack.

Quinn has been all type of caring. He is also very loving too and recently, he tends to pay attention to every little thing that happens to me.

I still remember three days ago when I had my monthly visitor.
I totally forgot about the fact that it would be coming anytime soon because I had been so busy with thinking of Carly safety.

I had stained the white sheet of the bed and worse of all, I had stained Quinn because he was hugging me to sleep and I was almost in his, he put on a white trouser to sleep that day also and I just woke up to find the stain on him.

It was so embarrassing and I didn’t even know what to say, to get that stupid stain on him. I almost cried thinking about all the things and the insults that he would throw at me immediately he wakes up to find out what I have done.

Everything had been going on very well lately and now, that had to come and disturb the peace and the warmth between us.

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But instead, when he had woke up and find me sitting at the far edge of the bed, with my head hung so low like someone that has just murdered someone.
He moved closer to me but stopped when he had seen the stain in the bed, I watch his lips twitch and I had closed my eyes before opening them and meeting his eyes.
I looked at his trouser which is still stained with my blood and he also stared at it before turning back to look at me and doing something that I never expected him to say.

Instead of laughing at me and insulting me, he just smiles and pulls me closer to himself, hugging me and pecking my forehead for a good morning.
I had been shocked to the bone that day, I didn’t expect it at all. It was as if I was with another person entirely, I wasn’t sure this was the same Quinn that I worked with before anymore.

I had wanted to pull away from him but he held me so tightly to himself, not minding the stain that I had on him, not minding the one on the bed sheet and not as hell not minding that I’m the cause of everything.

He prepared my bath and took care of me and with each smile that he gives me, my heart always tends to beat faster against my chest and I know at that moment that I’m head over in love with this guy. But he doesn’t feel the same way. He doesn’t.
I shouldn’t mistake his care for love, I know the only reason he is been so nice and caring is because he doesn’t want me to think about Carly and it really works, with me falling for him. The man that hates me.

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“Alright, I think I will need to take some nap right now, I’m so tired. ”
Quinn’s dad say and I smile at him before bidding and looking over at his Mon who is staring at me.
She always do that very occasionally.

It’s their ninth day here and they would be living in five says time which means that I have only five days to stay with Quinn now.

At first, when I had been here. I was more than eager to just leave, I didn’t want you stay and I wish that time could just speed pass quickly but now, I don’t want to leave anymore. I want to be here, with him. By his side.

After taking care of everything and watching them leave the dining, I stare at Quinn who is busy on his laptop, he had been working from home ever since that day I had my monthly stuff.
No matter how much I try to persuade him that I’m fine, he wouldn’t have it and although it gives me happiness that he’s staying here for me, I still don’t feel too good about him skipping his works for me.

Walking inside back into the room after informing him, I stare around as I sit gently down on the bed and that’s when I realized that I really have just five days left.

My eyes goes to the closet and I sigh before standing up, maybe I could steal one of his clothes to remember him by.

Walking over to it, I place my hand against the wall near it as my tummy starts hurting once more but I’m shocked and surprised to hell when the wall creaks and a door opens.

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What the hell?