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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 43 and 44

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{14 Nights In His Bed}


Episode 43.
{The History Between Us}



With my mouth that’s slightly opened, I finally open it and stare at the inside that’s a little bit dark but only shines from the light that penetrates in it through here.
Why the hell would there be another door or room in here and worse of all, why would it be hidden?

Walking back inside the room and grabbing my phone from the bed, I walk back into the secret room as I turn on the torch of my phone and my mouth hangs open as I stare around, it’s really beautiful.
It looks like it was made for someone, it’s really really beautiful.

I try to find the right switch and I breathe out as I turn on the switch and the room comes into more clearer view, even looking more beautiful.

My mouth hangs open as I realize that there are lots of paintings. Whole lots of paintings of a girl but that wasn’t the shocking part, the shocking part is that this girl I’m staring at us… She is… She’s is just.. Me!
This was my picture from before everything fell apart for me. Before my parents died, before everything turned around. Now the question is, why is my paintings all over here?

“Kath? ”
I hear Quinn’s voice from outside and my heart beats faster against my chest as I think about what he would say about me invading in his privacy. He probably wouldn’t like it, right? But that isn’t the whole point right now, the whole point is.. How does he know me and who exactly is Quinn?

I can hear his footsteps coming closer so I didn’t bother about moving away from where I’m standing, with my phone still in hand as I stare ahead.

“I see that you finally found out. ”
His voice says from behind me and I turn back to him with my brows raised up, to tell him that I’m confused about all these.

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“I didn’t know either. That it was you, I just found out days ago that it was really you, the girl that I have been searching for all my life.. ”
He smiles and I just stare at him, I don’t understand a thing of what he’s saying.

“You don’t remember right? It has been years since I’m probably sure that you don’t remember. The night that you were lost, that guy that saved you thirteen years ago, Hero. ”
He mutters and I still don’t remember anything or have idea of anything he’s trying to talk about until the memories comes piece by piece and my mouth hangs open.


“Mom, where are you? Mommy, I’m so scared. Mommy please come out, I’m so scared. ”
Young me cried as I walk around in the dark.
Me and my family had went over for a picnic and I had been lost because I saw a puppy and I chased it into the forest and now, I can’t seem to find my way back again.

I heard a loud growl and my cries got louder until a hand covers my mouth and sweep me off my feet, taking me in his arms.
I stare back, opening my eyes to see this boy.
He smiles at me and for a moment, I forgot about been lost.

“It’s alright. There’s nothing that would happen to you. I will make sure that you get back to mommy, I’m also lost but we will find out way out of here. ”
Even though he looks so young, exactly the same age as me. His words were that of a older person and I immediately found solace in them.

“I’m hero. What’s your name? We should know each others name if we are going to stick together. ”
The young boy had said as we walked through the dark night.
“I’m beauty. ”
I had told him that day. I could have easily told him my name then but I didn’t cause young me had thought that telling names to strangers means trouble and danger.

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“Hero? ”
I call, my voice cracking and he smiles at me before nodding, confirming my thoughts.

{14 Nights In His Bed}


{The History Between Us.}




“The first day that you entered my office and bowed to me, I immediately thought that you were her. I didn’t have much memory about her but the paintings were there to remind me, I couldn’t deny the happiness that lunged at my heart when you smiled at me and told me that you’re in dire need of a job. I was going to tell you everything about us until you had told me that your name is Kathryn.
She has told me that hers is beauty and I was so angry to have even allowed myself to think about it. I was even more angry at you for bringing those memories back to me, I was angry at you for looking so much like her and that’s why I had hate you so much. I didn’t realize until few days ago, I saw that same mark thar was on her on you. The chances of her not been you were slim so I did a background check on you, paying more attention to every details about you and that’s why I found out that you are her and she is you. I’m very sorry for the way I had acted towards you Kathryn. For been so cold. ”
He mutter and I shake my head as I turn back to look back at the painting that still captivated me.

“You drew this? Your young self? ”
I couldn’t help but to be awe by it, how could such a young boy had drew this?
Even though he never behaved like a young boy throughout our journey together from that forest, I could still tell that he was young.

“I would be glad if I had been able to but it wasn’t me that drew that. I see the picture that I could remember about you but I had someone redraw it for me cause I couldn’t just forget about you. The way we had sticked together remained a permanent glue to my heart.”
He says and I sigh before turning back to look at him.

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If he had found out days ago, then that means that all the caring and paying attention to every little thing that I do isn’t because of Carly.

It isn’t because he doesn’t want me to think about it, it’s because he really cares about me.

The realization made my heart leaps with happiness and I find myself walking over to him.

“Kiss me. ”
I mutter and he stares at me for so long that I’m beginning to rethink that he doesn’t want to do it until he brings me together in his arms, wrapping my arms around his neck and grabbing my legs to wrap around his waist while his hands rest on my lower back while the other one goes to the nape of my neck, pulling me closer to himself as he attach his lips to mine.

I groan against his lips as he moves back slowly, his kisses soft and tender that they dissolve me like puddle in his arms.

My back hits against the wall and he press his body against mine, his hand that’s on my lower back moving down to my thigh. He brushes my gown up and trace his finger, drawing circles on my skin that makes my body heat up immediately.

“Ahh… ”
I grab as I feel a sharp pain in my lower abdomen and he pulls back from me immediately, staring at me and cupping my cheeks.

“Is something wrong? ”
He asks with concern written all over his face, for me.

“My tummy still hurts. ”
I whisper and he chuckles before planting a quick kiss to my forehead once again.

“I love you. ”
He suddenly says out of nowhere and I can feel my head beat even more faster.
At this rate, I think I might die of fast heartbeats.