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Three Months Stay With Mr Popular. Episode 49 and 50

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 49

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov
I flickered my eye lids opened to feel the warmth of the early morning sun on my body . I glared towards the window and i saw half of the curtains opened .

I turned to my side and i noticed that i was the only one left on the bed . Huh? Where is kayden ? With the duvet still on my body , i sat up on the bed .


A sharp pain from my V niggled at me. I’m feeling pains around my sensitive parts . Kayden really hurt me , i thought he said that he will go easy with me…

I allowed my body to adjusted to the pain , i noticed the cleanness in the room . It has be cleared and cleaned . Wow!

i woke up late i guess. I returned my gaze to the bed and i saw a tray of food beside me. A clothes was also placed beside it .

Wow! When did all this happened ?

i managed to stood up from the bed , due to the excruiting pain , i scattered my two legs ,i don’t even think i’ll walk properly .

I turned around and i saw the stain on the bed . I can’t believe that am no longer a virgin , my dignity is gone ,i’ve lost it to kayden .

With everything that happened yesterday, i’m not sure if i’ll be able to stand in front of kayden , i’ll feel really embarrass in front of him. I can’t even picture the incident in my head .

I even felt embarrassed myself , the screams ! The intimacy ! And how he saw me naked was really embarrassing .

I heaved a sigh of relief and i went into the bathroom . I don’t think i will be able to stand under the shower with my pains , i should rather go for the jacuzzi bath tub .

I proceeded to the bath tub and turned on the tap,i watched the water as it poured inside the tub ….When i saw the water filled to my satisfaction, i turned it off , shrugged outta of the blanket that i used to covered myself from the room and i entered the bath tub .

I felt the water cooling my V when i laid down in it . That’s exactly what i needed right now .

After changing and having my breakfast , i decided to check on Amber in my since _ since kayden was nowhere to be found . I was about getting close to the door when i saw a small piece of note on the table .


I went back and picked it up to , i saw that it was a small for ….Me ! Wow !

it was a letter from kayden , telling me where he gone to this early morning , the last parts got me smiling .

*I hope you aren’t angry about yesterday night ? Well, i want you to get ready before 7pm , we’re both going out *

wow ! where are we going to ? I can’t wait. I forgot about his apology when the joy of going out with him clouded my mind .

i went out of the room with the paper held very close to me chest . I can’t wait to get my dress ready .

Few minutes later,i’m already in my room . I met amber operating on my big phone with a bowl of cheese ball beside her .

Her two legs was up, i watched her as she fluttered her two legs up and down . she must be really enjoying what she was doing

I tiptoed to my wardrobe and i went to dropped the letter in my wardrobe,after that i called her attention .

“Hey ..” she turned to glared at me .

Oh? A headphone was plugged into her ear .

“you don’t even know when i entered…” i smiled at her as i took a sit beside her .

“Sorry, i was so engrossed in the music ….Riele ,you didn’t came back yesterday night ,why ? ” she asked me and i felt bashful all of a sudden not knowing what to reply her with .

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“Your cheeks are all red ,did anything happened huh ?Or did you guys…”

I didn’t let her finish her statement when i squeaked a yes .

“Oh my God! It’s a lie ,i can’t believe it ! ” she beamed .

“Stop it amber ” i hushed her shyly

“What ? Wait,tell me how did it happened ? How was he in action ? Was it really painful ? ” she rushed the questions at me and i was forced to packed a handful of cheese into her mouth to shut her up .

“Eat your cheese and stop blah blaring! ” i hushed at her

“Mmmm” She tried to talk with her mouth filled

Funny sister ! .

“Why would you do that ? ” she asked me when she has finished the cheese in her mouth .

“To shut your running mouth , must you know everything ? ” i asked her in a mockery voice .

“Why won’t i know ? Aren’t you my sister ? And am suppose to know everything that happened between you and my crush ” she pouted out .

“Wow,did you just said crush ? Did you realize that your sister is in love with him …”

Oops! Did i just said that ?

“Oh my goodness ,Riele,did you just said that you’re in love with kayden ? Like seriously ? ” She asked me in an annoying way and i felt like giving her a resounding knock on the head .

“Did you screamed his na…” i didn’t let her to finish when i eventually gave her the knock on the head .

“Must you know everything huh ? ”

“Ouch !that hurts ” she winced with her hand on her head .

Funny girl !

“Amber…my contract will soon be over ” i said to her In a Languid state.

“Yea,i almost forgot that you have just two weeks left . Wow,the days has really gone ” she enthused

I don’t know but i suddenly felt sad …

“Riele …” She called me .

“Hey…” i cooed with my mood sadden .

“are you sad that you’ll be leaving soon ? ” she asked me and i sighed .

“I’m not sure about that but i don’t know if my mission has been achieve , i don’t know if i have succed in making him to fall for me ” i told her my worry .

“Riele, i don’t think you need to be sad about that , it seems like your mission has been achieve ” she replied me .

“Really ? Is is because We both had sex or we kissed ? That isn’t an answer to my curiosity, he has never tell me that he love me neither Has he ask me out officially ! ” i replied her with a little bitterness in my voice and eyes .

We both kept silent for some Minutes before she broke the silent….

“Riele,get dress, let me take you out . Let’s go and have some fun . ” She beckoned to me but i didn’t move .

“Oohhh! I think i will do it myself ” She whined and stood up from the bed and drew me up .

“Amber,am not in the mood to go out ” i resisted as she dragged me inside the dressing room .

“That was fun !” Amber beamed as we both came out from the playing ground .

“It was really fun ” i replied her with a radint smile .

“My ice cream is melting away ” She pouted and she quickly licked from her ice cream and i did the same .

“Riele,should we go to another place ?”she asked me and i quickly checked my wristwatch .

It’s 0ast 5 already! I didn’t even realize that we spent five hours here .

“Maybe next time ,ri ight now,we need to get home . I’ve to prepare myself for the outting that I’ve with kay ” i said to her and a *OH* escaped her mouth .

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Suddenly ,i felt a huge thrud on my head ,it felt like i was hit with a log . I tried to turned Around when another handkerchief landed on my nose .


Suddenly ,my breath held up in my stomach .. I saw amber being bundled Before i passed out .



????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 50

By : Blessing Arubuola

Kayden’s Pov
I watched him as the cops dragged him outta of the board room. Son of a b*tch!
So greedy for property !

Suddenly i recalled what he said concerning my mom and Riele ….

Is it true that they planned it together ? Could my mom assigned Riele to be my fake girlfriend or is it just coincidence? Gosh!

I just hope what that moron said was false ! I won’t even find it funny when everything turns out to be the truth . I don’t if i would be able to cope with the pain ,like when am already falling in love with her !.

“Kayden …” my dad’s friend called jerking me out of my worried thoughts .

“Huh?” i answered him as i turned back at him .

“Is he saying the truth ?” he asked with an arch and i felt my heart thrudded

“What?who ?” i replied him with a question .

“Nicolas, is he telling the truth or what ? “He further asked .

Oh gawd !

“No ! Why would my mom planned such a terrible thing ! That moron was just trying to get back to me ” i quickly defended .

“Hmm” i heard him sighed before he continued

“Truth or lie, the property will be your full name when you show us your girlfriend’s pregnancy in a scan ” He stated and i felt angered again .

Not the stupid rule again !

“Why must she be pregnant before i gain full access to my father’s company huh? My opponent is gone so what else am i lacking when i already had a girlfriend .” I asked them in an husky manner

“Kay ! she’s your girlfriend not yet your wife! The only way your father want is for you to be a father before everything will be yours ,ok ! ” He said with an obnoxious voice .

Gosh! so annoying .

“I’m out of here ! ” i yelled and i quickly stormed outta of the board room .

My securities followed me immediately i got out of the board room ,heading outside and to my car .

As i marched angrily towards the stairs,i recalled every damn thing that happened in the hall . That bastard must telling a lie ! I know that mom can’t do that to me and Riele …..

She looks innocent so she can’t ! Yes!

Walking towards the car, i remembered the note i left for Riele before leaving the house . I hope she has gotten prepared for the outting ?.

After our first night together,i made up my mind to make our dating real and official . I can’t deny it anymore ,i think am in love with her already . Thinking about the moments i’ve spent with her always makes me happy .

I wasn’t even expecting our first night to be so soon like that but my feelings has taken the best part of me . i can’t even control it anymore .

I dipped my hand inside my pocket as my face sculptured a sweet smiles . Thinking about her alone made me fulfill .

Nobody is against us and i think it’s time i make reality with her !

“Sir…” one of my security approached me with my phone in his hand .

“A call ?” i asked him and he nodded his head .

I collected the phone from him , i checked the caller and it was Riele . Wow ! Why is she calling me so sudden ?

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With blushes and smiles, i picked up the phone

“Hi…” i said immediately i placed the phone on my ear .

“Sir?” i heard a muscular voice …


“Who is this ? ” i asked when i noticed the tone of the voice .

“Sir,this is the driver that was assigned to miss Riele..”

“What are you doing with her phone n ” i chipped in

“Sir,i brought Miss Riele and her sister to the park three hours ago but i think they are missing .” He dropped the bomb and i felt my head sparked up .

“What? What…the hell are you saying ? What do you mean ? Have you search everywhere for them ?” i asked with my voice already turning sour

“I searched everywhere but they are nowhere to be found ” He answered him ,increasing my worry

Oh No !

“Is there camera at the park ? ” i asked as i tried to calmed myself down .

“Yes sir !”

“Good ! Go the engine room and watch the recording tape , call me when you a new update . I’m already on my way” i said and i hung up .

My heart is already beating in fright .
Where could they be ? I just hope nothing happens to them .

“Call Nolan now ! ” i commanded my security and i entered the car .

“Nolan’s home ! ” i said to the driver .

Riele’s Pov
I felt a heavy pain in my head,i opened my eyes and i found my Vision very blur. I flickered my eyes for some minutes before everything became clear to me .


Where the hell am i ?

It was a large room with a sophisticated arrangement ,everything in there appeared rich and fancy . Where am i ?

Suddenly, i felt my hand behind me , i glared down only to noticed that tied down to a chair , my hands behind me and my two legs tied together .


Suddenly conniption gripped me !

I remembered how i got here ,i couldn’t remember anything after i was hit by the log and an handkerchief .

And …

Oh no ! Where’s Amber ! Where is my sister ?
I glared around the room but i was alone ,no sign of my sister .

What ?
Who could have done this to me ?

“Somebody help me ! ” i screamed as i shakes the chair trying to loose myself .

I didn’t hear anything from the door .

“Somebody help me !” i screamed again and the door cracked opened ,revealing two people of different shoes and walking step .

One with heels and the other one,a snickers .
A lady and a guy !

“Please who are you ? And where did you keep my sister ? ” i rushed the question at them

Suddenly,i heard the both of them chuckled
. Suddenly the females started walking closer to the light .

“Seems like Mr popular girlfriend is sacred ? ” the voice taunted as she came closer to the light and it was………

Oh my goodness !

Nolan’s Pov
I kept my gaze on the puzzled kayden who was shaking like a perplex human being .

“I don’t just get it ? Who were the people That kidnapped Rielwe an her sister What did they wantñ”He asked as he ruffled his hair in annoyance
“I think you should calm down ..” i said as i tried to calmed him down.

“How did you expect e to calm down When the lady i loved has been kidnapped ! ” he yelled at me .

Gosh ! I didn’t know the love has eaten deep into him .

“But kay did you suspect anybody?”

“Nobody ! Nicolas has been arrested today and they is no way,he would do that !” he answered me in a peevish tone .

This is too tangled for me to think about ! Who are the kidnappers ? Suddenly, i felt dylan shrugged outta of my touch .

“I think i suspect someone “she said and we all turned to glared at her …