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Dream High. Season 2 Chapter 13

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???????????? T.H.I.E.F (Reborn) ???????? ????

????Killing 10 Birds With 1 Stone (Part 1)????

An India love action story….

Chapter 1️⃣3️⃣


Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode:

“I don’t get what you are saying Arjun and I don’t care, now excuse me.” Ashwini said moving around him to continue her walk but pause in her tracks when Arjun spoke.

“You should care. We shall be seeing soon, very soon Ashwini, take care of yourself while in that palace, you and I know you won’t allow Khan to touch you.” Arjun told her and walked into his room.

Something was off with Arjun, how did he know she was pregnant? And where is Taru?

Ashwini brushed that off and quickly went to her room, packing a few of her clothes into her bag and went to meet Khan who was talking to Bobby.

“Sorry I delayed you.”

“It’s no problem my love, let’s go.”

Driving out of Bobby’s compound.

“So what were you and Bobby discussing?”

“About the Thief, he hasn’t been able to track him down.” Khan responded.

“I trust Bobby, if there is anyone in India who is going to find that thief, Bobby is the person.” Ashwini said, pretending to care.

“I know, he is best at what he does, I have full faith in him that he is going to catch that thief.”

In your dream Khan.

They drove in silence until they got to Delhi, Maharaja Palace.

Driving into Maharaja Palace, the servants were already waiting outside to receive them. Ashwini could recognize some old faces as they greeted her.

Lady Meera stood at the door of the palace with a smile as they approached her.

“You are welcome.”

“Thanks Meera, can you show me to my room?” Ashwini said.

“Of course, but you both will be sharing a room, you will be living as husband and wife, no need for a separate room.”

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Ashwini wished she could strangle Meera but she smiled.

“Of course, show us to our room.”

That night, after Ashwini had her bath and changed into her night clothes and lay down on the bed to sleep, she rejected Khan’s advances on the pretence of being tried when he wanted to kiss and make love to her.

The next morning, Prince drove off to Goa to get his clothes.

Ashwini woke up, took her bath and changed into something light, a Jean and t-shirt. She looked around for Meera and when she saw that the witch wasn’t around, she quickly texted Mehek to come.

Almost an hour later, Mehek drove into Maharaja Palace and Ashwini quickly welcomed her and took her to the dining table where they sat down.

The servants quickly served them.

“Taste the food and wait here.” Ashwini told one who had brought the food for them and she quickly did as told. When Ashwini was sure the food was not poisoned, she told the servant to leave her presence.

Once they were alone, Mehek removed her veil.

“This place hasn’t changed at all.”


“What is wrong Ashwini, you are not looking bright.” Mehek said.

“Arjun knows that I am pregnant.”


“He told me yesterday, I know doctor Amol nor Rohan would tell him, but who could have told him? I have a bad feeling Auntie. I feel I am missing something. This morning, Meera was gone, no one knows where she was going.”

“Don’t Ashwini, everything is going to be alright.”

“Rohan is right, we need to have a change of plan, rather than taking them one by one, why don’t we kill them with one stone.”

“Okay, whatever your plan is, I’m in support.”

“There is one more thing, you need to show me the passageway my mother showed you.”

“It is in the kitchen, we have to get everyone out of there.”

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“Leave that to me, let’s eat first.”

They eat in silence and soon finish their food. They left the dining room and headed for the kitchen, Mehek put on her veil and covered her face once again.

Ashwini still remembered her way there and when they entered they saw two female servants who were tidying up the kitchen.

“Excuse me, please I would like to be in this kitchen alone with my mum.” Ashwini said with a smile drawing the two servant’s attention to her.

They nodded their heads, greeted them and left the kitchen without a word. Mehek locked the door after them.

Going to the kitchen sink, she bent down and on the wall beneath the kitchen sink, she stared at the wall and hit one. It went inside and the kitchen sink divided into two as an old staircase came into view.

“Here is the second hidden passageway.” Mehek said standing up to her feet and turning to face Ashwini.

“You will stay here Auntie Mehek.” Ashwini said going to meet her.

“Of course my dear.”

“I will be back soon.” Ashwini said as she descended the stairs, candles began to lit by themselves.

Mehek waited for close to an hour before she saw Ashwini. Once she was out, Mehek pushed the same wall and everything went back to normal.

“What did you see down there?”

“My mother is really beautiful.”

“She was.”

“When I placed my hand on her picture, I found myself in a room and I began to see things. I can’t really go into details right now Auntie Mehek, but I saw an image in my head and it wasn’t clear.” Ashwini said and closed her eyes. “My mother is trying to tell me something but I don’t understand her.”

“You met your mother?”

“Like I said before Auntie Mehek, I can’t really go into details right now, but there is a puzzle hovering around me.”

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“A puzzle?”

“Yes and that puzzle involves Arjun and Meera. Arjun knows that I am pregnant and I am sure Meera does not know that yet.”

“How are you sure she doesn’t know?”

“She would have said it back then at the hospital, but she didn’t which means she doesn’t know yet. How did Arjun know? Who could have told him? I wish I could understand what you mother was trying to tell me.”

“So what are your plans now?”

“Get them all together and kill them at once, delay is dangerous, I want to solve this puzzle immediately.”

“Okay, so how can you bring them together? What about Bobby, will he be among them?”

“I will use Khan to bring them here and as for Bobby, he wasn’t with them when they had killed me so his own death will be different.”

“You have my support.”

“Their end will be tonight, you will have to be here, I will inform Rohan to be here as well.”

“Okay, I will go home and inform Bobby that I will be spending my night here.” Mehek said as she unlocked the door and they left the kitchen.

“I will inform Rohan. Thanks Auntie for showing me.” Ashwini said, hugging Mehek.

“See you later.” Mehek said and left the building, entering her car and drove off.

Ashwini quickly went into Meera’s room and began to search.

She finally saw a tiny bottle in one of Meera’s clothes which was folded. Looking at it, Ashwini knows the content in the bottle wasn’t ordinary. She knew immediately what it was, taking it, she arranged Meera’s room like it was and left for hers.

She was shown a lot of things in that hidden room, and as it stands now, the only person she trusts is Rohan.

Everyone is a suspect until she solves the puzzle.

There is Arjun

There is Meera

And there is someone else hidden in the shadow.