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Dream High. Season 2 Chapter 14

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????Killing 10 Birds With 1 Stone (Part 2)????

An India love action story….

Chapter 1️⃣4️⃣


Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode:

Hardly had she entered the room she shared with Khan, Khan arrived, she went and sat down on the bed, awaiting him and thinking of her next moves. She hid the bottle she found in Meera’s room in her bra.

A servant brought Khan’s load inside the room and left, no sooner had he left that Khan walked in.

“Father was against me coming here to live, he wanted us to move in back to Goa palace.” Khan said going to give Ashwini a peck on her cheeks and sitting next to her, holding one of her hands in his.

“I like it here and I am not going back to Goa, it reminds me of how I slapped you.” Ashwini said with a pretend smile. “Anyways, I want you to invite your father and the other four king’s to be here tonight.”

“What for?”

“I want to thank them for being supportive yesterday. You know it’s the custom and tradition of the Queen of India to host the king’s in Maharaja Palace for a feast.”

“How did you know that?”

“Well Meera told me.” Ashwini quickly lied knowing fully well that Khan wouldn’t ask her.

“Alright, I will tell him and the other king’s to come, by what time if I may ask.”

“Everyone should be here before 8pm dear even my mother. And also I want to invite the two doctors to come too, they helped us.”

“Okay, anything that is fine with you my love.”

“Thank you so much.” She said and hugged Khan, pecking him. “I will personally go and give doctor Amol the news and then hurry back to start preparing for the feast.” She added getting up to her feet.

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“I will be so bored here without you, and you know as the customs and traditions demand, I will personally visit each of the king’s to invite them.”

“Can I use your car?”

“Yes, I will send for my personal guards to bring me another car.” Khan said, giving Ashwini his car keys.

“Thank you.” Ashwini said and made to leave the room before she stopped and faced Khan. “Those personal guards of yours are also invited.”

“I will tell them.”

Ashwini left the room and hurried up to the khan, driving out of the compound, she headed for Punjab.


Punjab City:

“I am inviting you and doctor Amol to come tonight at my palace.” Ashwini told Rohan in his home.

“Don’t you think that will be suspicious to them if they see me?”

“Nope, you said you didn’t like my plan so I won’t hurt myself and our baby. Well what if I told you I know how to kill ten Birds with one stone.”

“I don’t understand you.”

“Well, the five king’s, Khan, Meera and the prince’s personal guards will all be present tonight at the little feast I will be hosting.”

“Okay, so how do you intend to kill them with one stone?”

“I believe I have the substance Meera had used in poisoning me that night. I will put it in their food and drink and the same way I had drank the poison without knowing, is the same way they will.”

“You are a fucking genius beautiful.”

“That I am.” Ashwini said with a smile. “And also there is something I need to tell you but that will be after their deaths.”


“I will be on my way now, don’t forget to inform doctor Amol.” Ashwini said.

“I won’t.”

They kissed and she left his home, saying her bye to Rohan’s adoptive father on her way out.

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Delhi City: (Maharaja Palace)

Ashwini informed the palace cook what to cook. Khan returned much later in the afternoon and met Ashwini in the kitchen.

“Have informed them and they will be here before 8pm.”

“Thank you Khan, thank you so much sweetheart.” Ashwini said. “Will you eat?”

“Yes my love.”

“Go to the room and relax, I will bring you your food.”

“Have Lady Meera returned yet?” Prince Khan asked.

“No, I have not seen her.” Ashwini said.

I hope she comes back from wherever she went too.

Ashwini thought as Khan left the kitchen. She instructed one of the servants to take a little potion of food to Khan.


Meera later came back an hour later, she didn’t say anything when Khan told her about the feast happening tonight.

“I will be there.” She said and left for her room.


By 8pm, everyone had gathered in the dining room and were seated, Meera, Khan, the five king’s, Rohan, Amol, Mehek and the three guards.

As usual, Mehek was covering her face.

Ashwini was the one who served them their food and drinks, whiskey for the men and red wine for the women.

Ashwini sat down and raised her glass cup.

“A toast to all of us.” She said as everyone raised their glass cups up as well. “More long life to us all here.”

They cling their glass cups and Ashwini drank hers which prompted Mehek, Rohan and Amol to drink theirs. The five king’s, Meera, Khan and his three personal guards drank theirs and Ashwini refilled their glasses.

Ashwini smiled and they started eating.

She was the first person to finish her food and then waited a bit before clearing her throat bringing their attention to them.

“Tonight will be your last night.” Ashwini announced. “By morning, news will carry the news of your death.”

Khan stopped eating. “What do you mean by that?”

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“What I meant is that I am giving you all a taste of your own Medicine.”

“I don’t get you.” King Sanjay said.

“Twelve years ago, you all ganged up and kill King Padas and later on killed his daughter Aishwarya.”

“And how do you know that?” King Baabul demanded.

“Because I am Aishwarya, the daughter of the late King Padas.” Ashwini said and smiled when she saw their surprised look.

“You are lying.” King Veer said.

“She is not lying.” Mehek said, removing her veil from her face and the reactions Ashwini got from them was worth it.

Maybe Mehek wasn’t the one she is looking for.

“Dad, there is blood in your mouth.” Prince Khan yelled.

“And so is you.” King Sanjay said and glared at Ashwini. “What did you do?”

“The same poison you gave me that night that I cut off your arm, is what I gave to you.” Ashwini said and laughed.

King Baabul noticed that the doctor’s mouth wasn’t bringing out blood and drew their attention to them.

“What about them?”

“Oh you don’t want to know who I am.” Rohan replied.

Ashwini faced Meera who hadn’t spoken a word, though blood slipped out of her mouth.

“What happened mighty witch, I thought you would know that the food and drinks were poisoned.”

Meera smiled, her teeth bloody.

“Who told you I didn’t know? Even if I don’t want to drink the poison, Amar wouldn’t let me live. I am sorry to disappoint you Aishwarya, don’t be under the impression that if I die that all these are over, no, instead you have made it worse.”

The smile on Ashwini’s face faded.

“What do you mean? Who is Amar?”

“Actually I feel really sorry for you. You need to know a lot about yourself, trust me Aishwarya, you will be surprised.”

Arjun said those words and now Meera.

Truly, there is a third person and finding who it is is solving the puzzle.