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Dream High. Season 2 Chapter 15 (Finale)

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???????????? T.H.I.E.F (Reborn) ???????? ????

???? Revelation????

An India love action story….

Chapter 1️⃣5️⃣


Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode:

“What do you mean by that Meera?” Ashwini demanded ignoring the coughing competition that was going on around her, her focus was on Meera.

“You will get to know that soon, I was told to go along and drink the poison.” Meera replied and started coughing like the others.

“Who told you?”

When Ashwini realizes that Meera wasn’t going to say anything again, she returns her gaze on the others coughing.

“None of you were expecting to die tonight right? Just like the way I didn’t expect to die twelve years ago, but unlike me, there is no one who can give you a second chance to live.” Ashwini said getting up to her feet and went to stand next to Rohan. “And he is Rohan, the one you all thought had died, and just like me, he got lucky and survived that night.” She added smiling in satisfaction as she saw their reactions.

“You deceived me, you deceived all of us.” Prince Khan managed to say before coughing and spitting out more blood.

“You also deceived me, Khan, remember? It’s a pity you won’t live to see I and Rohan’s children.”

“You won’t get away with this.” King Veer spurt out.

Ashwini huffed out. “Don’t fight the poison, it will only cut off your breaths, remember, I have been there guys. Good night forever.” She said.

One by one, they dropped dead until no one was breathing.

Meera laughed in a mocking way before she died.

“One problem is solved.” Mehek said.

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“Yes, now I have to find out who Amar is and what Arjun is up too.”

“There is something I haven’t told you all about what happened to me that night.” Rohan said, bringing their attention to him.

“What is it hotshot?”

“I had died that night.”

“You died?” Mehek asked in surprise.

“Yes Auntie Mehek, and just like Aishwarya, I was also brought back to life by someone, a boy who is just like my height. He gave me a condition that if I fell in love I will die, I gave him my word and he brought me back to life, though I haven’t seen him ever since that night.”

“But you are not dead, you love me don’t you?” Ashwini asked.

“Yes I really love you with everything i have, beautiful.” Rohan said. “But I was thinking on the day we made love that I would die, but I didn’t, so it might be because I still love you even in death.”

“But what if the boy was lying that you had died?” Mehek said.

“I don’t know, I fell off the cliff and when. I opened my eyes, I saw myself on a bridge and the boy. I haven’t seen him since.”

“You are not dying.” Ashwini said. “Let’s forget about it and think of how to remove their body from here.”

“We clean out the blood in them and I and doctor Amol will drive them down to Goa palace. I will sneak their dead body into the palace dining room and set the palace on fire, especially where I will keep them.” Rohan said.

“Wow, that is a very good idea, just be careful.” Mehek said.

“Always.” Rohan said and they began to clean all traces of blood.

Ashwini went to inform the drivers of the five king’s that the king ordered them to go back home that were still discussing and that Meera would use her car to take them home once they are done with the meeting.

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The drivers left without argument and Ashwini smiled to herself.

Rohan and Amol carried their dead bodies and put three of the king’s and Meera in Meera’s car, two of the king’s and Khan’s in Sanjay’s car and the guards in Mehek’s car.

To the eyes of the guards guarding Maharaja Palace, the king’s were drunk and had fallen asleep, no one suspected anything.

Since it was three car, Rohan drove one, Amol drove the second one and Ashwini drove Mehek’s car. Mehek was left alone as they drove off heading towards Goa Palace.


Early the next morning, the news of the burnt palace of King Sanjay and the other king’s went around India.

And investigations were carried out by the police.

Four Days Later…

Maharaja Palace:

Mehek, Amol, Rohan and Ashwini were in the living room, seated and discussing.

Ashwini has been trying to make out the meaning of Meera’s last words.

‘You need to know a lot about yourself, trust me Aishwarya, you will be surprised.’

“It’s been two days since I last saw Arjun.” Mehek said bringing it Ashwini from her thoughts. “Bobby and I don’t know his whereabouts. And Taru doesn’t even know where he is.”

“There is something I am missing, I just need a clue.” Ashwini said.

“….” Whatever Rohan was about to say got interrupted by a knock on the door.

They all looked at each other.

“Are you expecting anyone?” Mehek asked Ashwini.

“No, and even if I am, the guards would have come to inform us.” Ashwini said and got up to her feet. “Let me check who it is.” She added and left for the door.

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Opening the door, she saw no one, no guards in sight, wanting to close the door, she noticed an envelope.

Picking it, she saw her name written boldly in it and tore the envelope and brought out a white sheet of paper with writings on it

A letter? Who could have sent it?

Ashwini thought as she read it;

‘My dear Aishwarya, I will tell you a story. There once lived a Lion whose name is Padas and who got married to a Lioness and together they ruled the great jungle. They both had a cub who they locked up because the cub wanted to be the Lion, and unfortunately for them, the cub died or so they thought and a few years later, they had another cub and hell was let loose. The Lioness sister, who is a fox, came and took over when the Lioness died. The fox who had the backings of the first cub, who had grown to be a Lion, killed Padas and tried to kill the second cub but for some unknown reason, that cub couldn’t die and you know who that cub is.

Along the line, the Lion ???? couldn’t save the Fox ???? and she died.

You don’t know me but I know you and I am going to hunt you down Aishwarya, I will take everything from you, starting with Rohan. I gave him life and he belongs to me not you.

My shadow brings the message of death, my voice announces the war. Enemies might have ended the Fox life but they can’t measure up to the Lion’s rage.

We’ll meet soon sister, very, very soon.

From your beloved,


Season Two ends here…

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