December 1, 2023

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Billionaire In Disguise. Episode 26

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{ in love with my neighbor }




The car pulled up in front of Mrs Anna’s apartment. Kylie seem a bit sad the moment her gaze landed on men’s apartment.


“Maybe this wasn’t a good idea.” I tried to leave so she won’t be reminiscing on old memories.


“No its okay I can handle it.” She says as we walked towards Mrs Anna’s door step and I knocked on it gently.

Shortly after the door was pushed open by kent.

“Hey man where have you been? Mom’s been worried sick about you.” He blurted out.


“Am sorry I’d to attend to something important outside of town. “I explained while the whole time my attention was on Kylie who seem lost in her thoughts.


I knew it was a bad idea to come here.


“Good thing you’re here.”


“Where’s Mrs Anna” I asked but kent was busy staring at Kylie who seem less concerned it was obvious she wasn’t concentrating.





“Damn it!!! That fool almost ratted us out.” Stacy half yelled while I sat down quietly thinking about the whole situation.


“Its a good thing he didn’t say a word. Tommy was the best I don’t understand why he let himself get caught.” I puff out vabour


“Thats bad news for me. You’d better made sure he doesn’t say a word or am gonna fees your balls to the dogs.” She barked at me before walking outta my office


“Shit!! I hate you Kelvin. Its  all thanks to you am in deep shit. You definitely gon pay.” I yelled at no one in particular.

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