November 29, 2023

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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 34

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{She’s a stripper }



I stood by the glass of my office and watched the street from up here.

Tears roll down my cheek as I thought about Jay it was his birthday today and am not there with him celebrating.

I wonder how he’s enjoying his birthday right now.
Does he miss me at all? Does he still think about me?

I brought out a sheet of paper which contained his song lyrics and hugged tightly to my chest.

I could remember vividly the night he sang the song with his heavenly voice which melted my heart.

Sometimes I feel the song was written for me. But in reality he wrote it for someone else.

I picked up my phone and called Shan tel . she’s the only person have been in touch with secretly.

She picked up on the second ring.

ERM hi shan tel.” I cleared my throat.

thank goodness you called. I came home shortly and met jay in a mess. He won’t stop saying shit .he has been like this since you left.” She says in a sober tune and I felt A sprang Of guilt In my heart.

I left him for my selfish reasons and also Didn’t stop for once to think how jay was gonna take it.

I was his friend And assistant  and he needs me no matter what.

is he gonna be alright? Its his birthday today he was supposed to be happy with his girlfriend.” I blurted out even though I didn’t want to.

I sobbed quietly.

wtf are you saying? Do you think my brother Is gonna be happy again after the person he’d loved left?” I could tell she was pissed and hang up on me.

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