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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 26

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 26. {Meeting The In Laws.}




When Bryan had told me that we are going to meet his family and his parent, I didn’t actually thought it would be cool people like this. I didn’t actually thought that they would be so nice and so easy to get along with, even with his mother.
I thought they would be one perfect like this and they would not have tempers like Bryan. That fucking prick! I still can’t believe that he dared to carry me in his arms, I should have just woken him up when he had fell asleep on my laps but then, that would have been so rude of me.

“When Bryan told me that he was going to bring home his wife, one that he actually got married to, although we weren’t able to attend the wedding and we could only see the news on TV. I didn’t actually believe it cause it was just so hard that Bryan of all people found and have fallen in love with anyone and even think of getting married to her. ”
The woman, his mother smiles at me and I chuckle.
If only you know the truth, that he doesn’t love me. It’s all only a act, if only you know that I’m not really his wife, but a fake one.

“He never brings a girl home. All he does is to play around with them. ”
His sister whose name I’ve learnt is Gwen says and my eyes widens as I stare at her. Bryan plays with girls? I didn’t actually see him as one that do that. He was a player? Probably still is.

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“Gwen! ”
Her mother scolds when she sees my expression and Gwen laughs.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know that I’m not meant to say that, I was just getting too excited. ”
She smiles at me and I shake my head telling her it’s nothing.

“No it’s fine, I actually enjoy hearing things like that. Please tell me more, I will like to know my husband’s past. ”
I grin at her and she nods, probably his present cause he isn’t married to me and would still be acting that way.

“Alright, when Bryan was in highs school. I actually don’t know much about that tale, mom told me everything cause I was so young and I wasn’t paying attention to that. But anyways, when he was in high school. A confirmed playboy. He played every single girl there and the funny thing is that even though they are aware of what he’s doing, even though they know realky well that all he’s doing is playing them. They wouldn’t stop coming to me and despite that fact, after he uses them one time. He dumps them then every single day. Girls would show up at our door complaining that after having sex with them, he refuses to talk to them anymore. ”
She laughs and my eyes widens even more.
Damn! He’s like the bad guy himself, how am I just knowing this?

His mother is watching keenly as the girl narrate everything to me.
“Then we don’t know what happened, during his final year in high school, I think he fell in love with a girl. He was slowly letting go of his ways. Slowly like I had said, he was determined to get this girl but she wasn’t giving him attention according to him. Anytime he tries to get closer to her, she would shout at him and tell him to get the fuck away from him. The girl was a newly transferred student and she hates boys according to him. ”
I don’t know why that girl is but she’s one mean girl.

“She eventually noticed him more and they started out as friends. ”
This actually see quite familiar to what had happened to me when I was in high school and got transferred to another school in my final year.
What are the chances that that girl is me?
I shake my head immediately, getting rid of such thoughts. It isn’t me cause the guy that I had let in at high school again after a guy ruined my reputation isn’t Bryan. His name is hero.

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“So anyways he wanted more than friendship, he already totally gave up his ways of been a playboy but she didn’t want it. They got separated after high school and that’s just it. ”
I got separated with Hero too.
I’m over thinking too much into this.
How can I be thinking that Bryan is Hero?
Hero was my friend and Bryan is someone that hates me and would do anything to make me suffer.

“Funny thing is that after that he went back to his old ways and there was no stopping him till now. He said he would never open his heart to another girl ever again and since then, he had been a original playboy. Doesn’t care. Meet. Fuck. Dump. That was his way so it’s quite surprising that he got married now. ”
She chuckles and I nod my head, smiling. So that’s his history. That must be why he hates me so much, he got hurt by a woman.

“And the most interesting thing about this all is that the girl’s name is T.. ”

“Alright. That’s enough, we are hungry now. ”
The guys walks to us and I didn’t actually get to hear the girl’s name.