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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 30

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 30. {A Night Together.}




I stare at him with eyes so widened, I can’t believe that she just said that. Damn!

“Uh? I can stay here? We can stay in here together? ”
I raise my brows at her and she just shrugs.
I had thought that she would be more than eager to kick me out if this place but this.. This I never expected.

“Yea. I mean that’s what your mom thinks. She thinks that we are together. Like really together and she may just find you all curled up on the couch when you should be in here with me and then you will have tons of questioning to do. You could just stay in here, it’s for only some time anyways. ”
She shrugs while I just stare at her
Damn! How can someone be so damn fucking perfect?
She’s really do perfect! More than perfect!
She pulled everything off even though she’s one crazy girl.
She managed to make my family fall in love with her within her one night of staying over.
She’s really fucking perfect.

I smile, about to nod my head when I still immediately. No, no this shouldn’t be happening. I can’t stay in here with her, I can’t! I won’t be able to keep my hands to myself if I do and then that’s going to get me into deep trouble.
She may look calm now but as soon as I make one wrong move, she would definitely flip and then go back to been crazy.

I tell myself that I’m not going to stay here with her but however when I raise my head to tell her that, her face makes me change my mind immediately. That smile that’s across her face is something I want to always be there.
Turning down her offer to stay here would definitely hurt her prude.
It’s ironic really. How I had promised myself so much that I’m going to make sure she suffers the same way that I did and yet here I am, not wanting her to get hurt.

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So instead of rejecting, I nod and she smiles again.

“Alright but we have one problem just now. If you look around the room, there’s only a bed. They probably removed the couch in here because they think that we are.. You know together. ”
I mutter under my breath and I watch her cheeks flushes as I say those words and she nods.

“Yeah, I know that and we can just.. ”
Her words are cut off when her phone suddenly starts ringing and she gives me a look before staring down at her phone, her smile growing even more as she stares at her phone screen.

“It’s my boyfriend. ”
She says with a huge smile as if that’s supposed to make me any fucking happy and I watch as she slides the answer button and glue the phone to her ear.

“Ethan! Oh god. Thank the lord that you’re alright! You have absolutely no idea how worried I had been about you, I thought something happened to you. Are you okay? ”
Not wanting to listen to her lovey dovey with her boyfriend, I slowly turn back and stare at the bed, wondering if she’s thinking of the both of us sleeping here.
I shake my head immediately. She will never think that!
No matter how soft and nice she may have get because of my parents, she wouldn’t do something like that.

I want patiently for her to finish her call and it’s torture for me when I see the way her eyes brightens and her cheeks glows whenever she’s listening to her boyfriend that’s talking at the other end. Just like a baby that has been given a basket full of candies.

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“No, I’m not home actually. ”
She keeps her voice in a low tone. Probably to stop my family from listening.

“I went to his parents place with him. ”
That him is probably me.

“No Ethan, don’t think like that. Nothing’s happening, I told you nothing would ever happen between us. He isn’t that way. ”
Ouch. That hurts.

“Ethan please, no one is touching me. ”

“Yea. I don’t know yet, I will just ask him but it shouldn’t be that long. ”

“Yea, everything will be alright. ”

“Tonight? Sure, I will. ”

“Alright, I love you too. ”
And my heart did a double hard thump that hurts so fucking badly.

“Sorry, he was worried. ”
She waves the phone in the small place between us and I shake my head, assuring her that it’s nothing.

“So I’m not sure just how exactly we are going to manage this room. There’s only one bed also. ”
I go straight to the point, ignoring the way my heart aches at what she had just said to her supposed boyfriend.

“Um. Oh. That’s… ”
Her cheeks flushes and I chuckle before nodding, watching her expression.
I knew she wouldn’t agree to that.

“Yea, but since you’re worried about me getting caught. We could just share it. ”
I shrug and I watch her eyes widens even more.


Sharing a bed. What are your thoughts?????????????????