March 22, 2023

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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 27

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????{My Boss Demands}????

EPISODE 27. {In The Darkness Of The Night.}




“Get the fuck outta of my sight you fools! Just one lady! One single tiny lady was impossible for you to get back here! Out! Each and every single one of you! Out of my sight! ”
I yell to the dumb bastard that calls themselves my own fucking guards.
Just because he has threatened them that he has her, they actually came back to me, telling me nonsense and shit that Alexander has got Lyla and they couldn’t do anything!

Dumb fools! He was without his guards and he actually played then and they actually fell to his trap! Dumb fools! Motherfucker! Motherfucking Bastards!

“We are very sorry sir. For taking you but we just thought. Actually I thought because I was the one who ordered the retreat, they have no blame on this because I thought that you wouldn’t want a war with him. That’s why I had ordered the retreat and we don’t know but his guards must have been somewhere nearby. He doesn’t go out without his guards. ”
The damn fucking commander of them fools had the guts to tell me that after I had just ordered them to get the fuck out.

“You didn’t listen while I was speaking just now? I don’t want to hear any dumb shit from your fucking mouth! Get the hell out of my sight right this fucking instant or you’re gonna regret it. That’s a command. ”
I snarl and he nods before turning back to others and they all walk out of the room while I grab the lamp beside me and throw it angrily against the wall.

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I was this close! This fucking close to making her mine forever and finally having everything that I have always wanted. Everything I’ve ever acted but that damn p°ssyfucker ruined everything for me! Bastard!

I have always wanted her so much, so fucking much and I was finally going to have her but that damn Alexander!
He had to fucking step in my way! Just like he promised to.

Grabbing my phone, I scroll along the contacts and touch the number, contacting someone I never thought that I would. Not in my lifetime at least.


What the fuck was I actually going to say in that room again? I should get my thoughts straight. Really get my thoughts straight.
All I want from her is her body. Fuck. Leave. Done.
That’s it! That’s what I want from her, but every single time I tell myself that and then she looks at me with those damn innocent eyes of hers, I find myself going back in my words. Something I have never done before.

I really need to start making my demands. My real demands. Slowly and dangerously that she wouldn’t be able to escape from me until I get everything I want from her.

Sighing as I gulp down the entire content of the glass, my phone vibrates against the counter and I breathe out before grabbing it. Staring at the contact as a smirk makes its way to my lips. Just who I wanted to talk to.

“Sebastian.. ”
I mutter mockingly and I can only imagine the hard glare that he would have across his face right now.

“Alexander. You took something that wasn’t yours. I wouldn’t say it twice and I wouldn’t warn you twice either. Return it! ”
He says and I couldn’t help the chuckle that slides through my throat.

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“I have absolutely no idea what you’re taking about, what’s this thing that I took away from you? I will like to hear it. ”
I smirk, knowing my words would only send him even more over the edge.

“Bastard! Lyla isn’t yours to steal away from me! Return her Alexander! ”

“Or what? ”
I egg him on and I can practically feel his heavy breathing from here.

“Or I’m going to fucking make you regret it, you motherfucker! ”

I chuckle. “We both know you can’t do shit to me Sebastian and Lyla wasn’t yours to kidnap in the first place. You took that upon yourself and try taking her away once again, I will really love to see you give it your best shot cause you wouldn’t be able to. Nobody, I mean no fucking body touches what’s mine! ”


Damn! Did he just said his? ????????