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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 30

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????{My Boss Demands}????

EPISODE 30. {Kisses.. Touches… Lingering Wants.}




I felt like puddle in his arms and I can’t deny the way my heart leaps with the fact that I’m in his arms as his whole scent engulfs me but there’s no way I’m admitting that either.

I knew something was going to happen when he had come into the room and stare at me like that and I curse myself so much for wanting something to happen. For wanting him so much and badly that it hurts.

I don’t understand really. How do you get so much attracted to someone you barely know?

I tell myself I wouldn’t do it and I won’t fall into this trap but when he had pressed himself against me, I badly want to tell him to take me and do everything he wants with him.
Every single thing that I want him to do but I’m not admitting that either.

This isn’t right. It’s wrong. Alexander is my boss and it isn’t right to be attracted to your boss and also, I have a boyfriend.
One that cares about me and love me so much.
Ryan has been so loyal to me. He gives me everything I want and he never for once make me feel bad. He is always out watching for my happiness and I shouldn’t start by betraying him like this.

No matter how attracted I am to Alex, Ryan doesn’t deserve this. He doesn’t, he doesn’t deserve my betrayal like this.
Shaking my head to clear the thoughts off, I turn to stare at Alex.

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“I have a boyfriend. ”
I utter before dropping my head down again, afraid to raise it up.
Afraid that if I lose myself if I look into his eye then I wouldn’t be able to control myself. Not that I’m able to do that either right now.

He brings his finger and slowly raise my chin while electricity runs through every damn inch of my nerves and fire cackles underneath his touch.
He turn my gaze to look at him and he has a smirk plaster across his face.

“Good thing I don’t care. ”
I didn’t have time to process his words before his lips closes over mine and I groan slowly as I feel the softness of his lips against mine.

My body goes all hot in all the wrong places and slowly, I’m forgetting why I shouldn’t be doing this and instead, I’m focusing on why this feels so damn fucking good!

How can one kiss from him feels this way. So damn good! It feels so right and at the same time, it’s wrong. So so wrong. I shouldn’t be doing it but I can’t stop.
I should be stopping him but I can’t and instead, I lose myself in it.
In the kiss. In the way my body feels against mine, in the way he wakes up every cell in my body with one touch from him and all my system has already stop working as I slowly bring my hand to the nape of his neck to pull him even more closer to me.

He hums against me, his hands moving from my waist and slowly going to the small of my back.

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He leaves a lingering want and touch of fire everywhere he places his hand and I can’t be enough of it.

Surprisingly, I want more. So much more from him, not caring whether that’s wrong or right.

He brings his hand down to my ass, resting it against it before bringing his hand back to the small of my back, drawing small circles as he pulls my lower lip between his teeth and sucks on it while dragging my upper lip in between.

Oh god.

Soon, he starts moving. I don’t know where he’s moving to and I didn’t care either, been lost in the moment with him until my back hits against the soft silky material.


Did it just got hot? Do you think what’s happening is right or wrong?????????‍♀️