February 3, 2023

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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 31

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 31. {The Warmth And Closeness.}




Gulping in, I shake my had immediately. Okay, letting us stay in the same room together and sleep in the same room together is one thing but allowing him to sleep on the same bed… With me. Alone in a room.
It’s another thing entirely and I’m not going to do it or at least, I thought I wasn’t.

“I know how you feel about it. You don’t want to do it and I could just go out right now to sleep on the couch in the living room but you were right, you know? What if I get caught then lots of questioning follows and if it’s because you’re afraid I would touch you. I wouldn’t.
I told you before and I’m saying it again, I wouldn’t touch you not even if your stark naked in front of me. ”
His smile is gone now and it’s replaced by his usual signature smirk and I roll my eyes, crossing my arms against my chest.

I see that we are back from nice Bryan to rude and arrogant not to mention annoying one. I knew that act wasn’t gong to last anyways.

“So it doesn’t really matter if we sleep on the same bed right now. ”
I sigh, cocking my head to one side and trying to think about it. He’s right in some ways, it doesn’t really matter if we sleep on the same bed right now cause I know that he would never touch me no matter what but still, I don’t feel too good about it and I feel as though I’m cheating on Ethan.

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Sleeping on the same bed with the man he wants me to stay away from him badly, it makes me feel so guilty but again like Bryan said, it’s only for some time.

I sigh once again, my breathing coming out heavily before nodding my head. I don’t have any choice and I’m sure Ethan would understand if I explain to him also.

“Alright, so do you want to take a shower before sleeping or… ”
He trails off and I chuckle before shaking my head, telling him that I’m doing no such thing.

“I’m not taking a shower. That’s absurd Bryan, you want me to take a shower with you in the room? I think I will pass. ”
I smile and he nods before staring back at the bed then back at me again.

“I’m just going to split it into two sides you will have your own share and I will have mine also. That way, you would be assured that I’m not going to touch you. ”
I smile before nodding and he grabs a pillow, using it to divide the bed into two equals while I sigh before walking over to the bed and sitting in it, taking off my shoe.

He turns off the light and I lay quietly on the bed with my heart beating so fast.