March 30, 2023

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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 33

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 33. {Closeness.. Sparks.}




I don’t know why it seems like I couldn’t just stop moving.
They may call it nervousness indeed but I call it been uncomfortable with sleeping with him on the same bed or maybe because it’s the first time that’s gong to happen.

As the room falls into silence, I stare around in the dark, trying to find anything that could get my mind off the position we are in right now, I am glad that we aren’t shouting at each other or trying to get at each other nerves which is usually what we are always seeing doing most.

I try to think of Ethan and what he would say about me been in this position with Bryan but I can’t also think of Ethan at the moment and once again, I am moving on the bed again.

My breathing is hard and I can actually listen to his breathing also. I moved back, gently laying my head on the pillow that’s beside me, only to hear his breathing from beside me and I still immediately as his breathing feels hot on my face and I momentarily stop moving around which stops instantly and my breathing gets heavier and even more unsteady and once again, our hands are touching.

I turn to look down at our hands and wonder why he isn’t pulling away from it already but most importantly, why I am not pulling away also.
I try to convince myself that it’s probably because.. Probably because I think he might be sleeping which is why I don’t want to disturb him but half of me knows that not true and soon, I find myself standing up immediately, shaking my head and sighing as I walk out from the bed and move around the house, turning in back the switch and I was right to have thought he’s sleeping cause he is.

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His eyes are closed and his chest heaves up and down as he turns around to face the other side. I don’t know what had pushed me to it or why I had done that but soon, I find myself moving closer to where he’s laying on.
I find myself walking to the other side so I can stare at his face, the one which glows in the bright light.

I gulp in as I slowly move down and stare into his face, smiling and I don’t know what I’m doing or why I’m doing it either but I begin reaching out my hand, for his face. I wanted to touch him. Wanted to know how it will feels under my touch, wanted to know how his glowing will feel but I stop that immediately I regain my senses and I shake my head, standing up.

Oh god, what the hell was I just about to do, what the hell was I just about to do.

I move around, trying to find anything that could make me forget about what’s happening right now and my eyes lands on the phone while I regain that Ethan asked me to call him again.

Oh god, I’m so stupid. I actually forgot about that, he must have probably be waiting for me to call, how the hell could I have forgot about that?!
Walking closer to the bed, I grab my phone and stare around the room, wondering where the hell I’m going to call him.
I don’t want to go out and stare creeping around like some thief because I want to call him, I might get caught and the maids would probably be listening to what I’m saying anyways.

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I thought of actually just staying on the room to call him but that changed as soon as I saw a light reflects on the room from afar and I start walking towards it. To be met by a door, a glass door, pushing it open, I step out on the open and my mouth hangs open as I stare at the view right in front if me.

Oh my god, it’s the city. I can basically see the city view from here, god this is so much beautiful.
I smile as I stare around the whole city, different lights. Bright coloured one but the black one that reflected around the damn whole others and forms a small Star is my favourite out of them all as I smile wishing I could touch it and once again, I have forgotten why I’m here again in the first place.

I shake my head before staring down at the phone in my hand, it’s almost midnight and I scroll through my contacts, finally pressing on his contact, glueing it to my ear before turning to stare at him again and wondering, how can someone be that good looking?