November 23, 2023

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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 35

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 35. {Dumb Ass B*tch.}




“She called? ”
Violet asks as I climb on the bed and I sigh before nodding my head while she lays on top of me and I slowly trail my fingers down her ass. Just firm and fucking good ass. I’m going to f°ck it one of these days.

“Yeah, she called. She told me that she’s with him at her parents place. You wouldn’t believe that. ”
I grit my teeth together as anger surges through me just like it has did when he had told me that she went to his parents place.
She fucking went there! God! I can’t believe this and I don’t even understand why I’m getting angry about it but I will say it’s because her been there means I wouldn’t be able to fulfill the dare! Goddammit!
She always makes this harder for me with each passing second, I wish she would be more like Violet then I would have done everything I wanted and get it over it.

“Then why are you getting angry over it? You don’t care about her, do you? Why should you be angry she’s with another guy right now? ”
She raises her brows at me and my movement in her stops for a moment, stilling before I continue once again.

“It’s not that I care about her. We both know that I don’t give a fuck about her but you know, her been there. She might have her virginity taken by him. ”
I growl and she raises her brows at me.

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“Wait… ”
She mutters, now standing up. “What you’re trying to tell me right now is that Mara is still a virgin? All these years you guys have been dating. You have actually never fucked her? ”
She raises her brows at me and I nod. Of course she should be surprised because Mara isn’t a fucking bitch like her that opens her damn leg to a man she met just two weeks ago.

I like that about her and at the dame time, it fucking frustrates me.

“Wow, I can’t believe that Mara had been a virgin all these while. Have you been the one holding back or she was? ”

“You know I don’t hold back baby. ”
I wink at her, gripping her ass in my hands and she rolls her eyes at me before chuckling and nodding.

“But why are you so worried about her loosing her virginity to him? You don’t want to fuck her, do you? ”
She raises her brows at me once again and I secretly roll my eyes once again.
God, she asks stupid questions that frustrates the hell out of me sometimes.

“No reason but don’t you think that I deserve to have that virginity after keeping up with all her shits? ”
I raise my brows at her and she chuckles before nodding.
Stupid dumb ass bitch.

“Yeah, you really deserve to and I can’t wait to watch you have it away from her. ”
She’s really dumber than I thought though.

“Me too. Come here baby. ”
I smile, pulling her to lay her entire body against mine and I attach our lips together as I slowly brings my hand down from her ass and slide it into her gown. Brushing it up and rubbing against her as she moans into my mouth.

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“God, you’re so wet. ”
I chuckle as I shift her pant to the side and slide my finger in and I watch her eyes rolls to the back of her head before she slowly grinds herself against my finger.

She removes my finger from inside her and quickly pull my pant down, along with my boxers before grabbing me in her hand and squeezing tightly in a way that makes me grunt and she let’s go of me, pushing herself to as she slowly lowers herself in me while our breathing quickens.

Oh god. She’s one fucking bitch!

She pulls her gown down and grab my hands, placing it over her breasts as she kisses me with urgency while grinding her hip around me, letting me go deep inside her as I can take.

She squeezes my hand against her breasts and I know just what she’s asking for.

She keeps rolling her hips against mine while I turn us around, now gaining control as I thrust into her hard and fast, imagining that she’s Tamara.

God. I can’t wait to get myself inside her fucking tight wet p°ssy.