January 29, 2023

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My V Husband. Chapter 29

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–At the bar—

Ethan’s POV

I dropped the cup I was pouring drinks in, on the table before me sadly.

“Ethan! You are drinking too much, you need to get yourself together.” Jack said.

“My wife left me.” I faced him. “It’s like my world is crashing.”

“You still need to take it easy plus you caused it. She’s your wife , you could have simply made love with her and you would have been enjoying your relationship presently.” Jack said.

“It’s not as easy as that. Do you think it’s not my wish for me to make love with her? Though, I never really like anything romance ever since I was young. It was the way I was brought up, nevertheless, I could have done what she wants for her.”

“And why did you refuse?”

“You can’t understand?” I said. Jack will never understand me.

“I guess what I can understand here is that you also get hørny but you had rather f**k a s-x doll instead if your own wife, right?”

“Not like that…Do you think Rose could be cheating on me already?” I asked.

“No, she really loves you. Trust me.”

“I did not trust that robot she brought home, she had bought it purposely to make me jealous.” I said.

“A robot?”

“Yes…any problem?” I asked.

“There could be…Is she with the robot?”

“Sure, the robot is her companion now.” I replied.


“Yea, I’m Brandon.” The robot replied Jack’s call on phone.

Jack and I had gone to his house, he had got the number to phone the robot from the site that sold the robot to my wife.

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“Okay, this is BB company from Asia, our agent is in America right now, we would like to work with your type of robot, we will like to meet with you and discuss a project with you. It would lead to a $50,000 contract.” Jack said. He had changed his voice to a corporate voice.

“That’s huge! Where are we meeting?” He asked?

“5PM, at Karam bridge.” jack replied and hung up.

“What if he is a robot?” I asked Jack.

“Sure, it might be a robot and it might not. We are about to confirm.” Jack said and I nodded.


I watched Jack as he stood waiting for Brandon. In few seconds, Brandon showed up and they met.

They exchanged words for few seconds and entered Jack’s car, they drove off.

I have no idea where they drove off too.

I branched to a restaurant to eat before returning to my house.

Rose…I wish you can come back. I really love you.

About an hour later, a message popped up on my phone, it reads : “Come to my house.”

The message was from Jack.

I walked out and drove straight to his house.

On getting there, I saw him laying Brandon on the table, Brandon seems to be unconscious and naked.

“How did you get him to be like this?” I asked.

“When I was working at the barrack at Iraq, we do order for robots so I understand them very well.”

“But how come he has a d**k?” I asked.

“It’s possible…I’m not sure yet if he is a human or not but what we can do now is to get rid of this d**k, it must never be use to deflower your wife.” Jack said.

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“Saying that I’m shocked is an understatement. A robot having a d**k? ” I mumbled.

Jack injected the d**k and some whitish substance spilled from it.

“He will never be able to make love again, either he is a robot or not, the d**k is now useless for life.” Jack assured.

If this robot was a human, he has encountered something worst ????