March 22, 2023

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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 64

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Daddy’s Girl.

Episode 64

Kian’s POV

“Drop your gun or I blow your head off.” Adam Seth threatened.

Trying to be smart now might hurt either Kaden or I.

If it were I alone , I could have played a swift subtle game on him but I won’t like anything to happen to Kaden.

I had come to save him afterall.

“I have always suspected you ever since I employed you as the bodyguard of my daughter…I was wondering why you look exactly like this stupid boy?” He said referring to Kaden.

“Adam Seth!” I called his name and grinned. “He’s my brother. I came to save him. If you were in my shoe , you could have done the same.”

“Indeed! I kidnapped him cause I want him to stay away from my daughter. I already have someone I want my daughter to marry, when she is of age and have finished or almost finishing her university, I will inform her.” He said.

“Your choice sir , but you do not have to kidnap my brother.” I said.

He was still stretching his gun at us while I keep praying that he will mistakenly drop his hands.

“He should know why I kidnapped him…don’t you?” He asked Kaden.

“I have no idea…or…oh! Because I told your daughter that she and I used to be lovers?” Kaden asked.

“Exactly.” Adam Seth replied.

We were all silent for few seconds.

“Will you let us go now?” I asked.

“No, both of you are staying there till I’m ready to release you.” He said.

“You know that won’t be possible right?” I asked.

He smirked.

“Indeed! You really think I’m joking.” He said and shot Kaden at the heart. It was the last thing I was expecting.

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Kaden fell to the floor and continue to bleed. I cried out loud in pain but still couldn’t make any move lest he shoot me too.

He took few steps back and locked me and my brother up in that dark room.

“At least send my brother to the hospital!” I pleaded but he turned deaf ears as he closes the door.

I was so angry, I wish I can get a gun and release bullet into the man’s head.

I called Jace immediately.

“Hello Jace , are you still with Chloe?” I asked.

“I couldn’t enter her room, she might identify me by my scent, I’m standing at the entrance of her room.” He said.

“Adam Seth just shot Kaden and he is really bleeding, I have been locked up too. The man might be coming after you, you should break into Chloe’s room and let’s use her as leverage to get out of here.” I said.

“Understood.” He replied and I hung up.

Gosh! Kyle spoilt everything. I told him to watch after Adam Seth, where could he have gone to.

I dialed his number.

“Kian!” His voice came through.

“Where in the world are you?” I yelled angrily. “Adam Seth just shot Kaden.”

“What! I can’t find Adam Seth in his room, he must have outsmarted us by hiding somewhere secretive cause I searched almost every hooks and crannies in the house but still haven’t find him.” He replied.

“We need to be smart now, I have instructed Jace to hold Chloe as leverage so we can get out of here. Find Adam Seth and kill him.” I ordered.

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“But that was not the plan?” He disputed.

“He shot my brother, just kill him…he might call the cops too.”

“Alright.” Kyle replied.

I held Kaden who was fast loosing blood, his eyes were closing and opening.

“Please stay with me Kaden, don’t die…please. We will soon get out of here.” I cried as I watched my brother bleed.

His eyes finally closed, his hand dropped and his breathing stopped.