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My V Bride. Chapter 14

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My V Bride.

Chapter 14

Fred’s POV

— Still at Night–

“What do you mean Sonia?” I asked not understanding her last words.

“I’m saying the reason why I didn’t want to make love with you is not because I wish to.” She replied.

“So, it’s because of what?”I asked.

“My mom, she advised my brother and I not to make love.”

“Your mom!” I yelled in surprise as I sat upright. It’s so ridiculous.

“Your mom instructed you not to make love with your husband? Like she really have control over you and your brother in your marriage?” I asked, feeling grossly irritated.

“You are right, disobeying my mom is not what any of us would like to try.”

“Is she some sort of supernatural god that can not be disobeyed. Will she beat you if you make love with me?” I asked.

“Be calm baby, I just felt like I needed to tell you so you would not be sad anymore.

” Can I have some serious talk with this mom of yours?” I asked.

“Sure.” She replied.

—-At Sonia’s Mom’s house—

Sonia and I planted a soft knock on the door but no one seems to be listening so I twisted the knob and we both entered.

I was surprised to see Sonia’s brother and his wife leaving.

What have they come for?

I greeted them as they walked out while I walked to where the woman sat.

“Good day.” I greeted her.

“It’s being a while, how are you?” She asked.

“Not fine ma.” I said still standing. “What say do you have over my wife’s marriage. You are such a wicked mother that does not want good for your children. I loathe you, you are so evil.” I abused the woman while she only watched.

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“Can you have your sit?”

“I’m not sitting down.” I yelled as I flinched my hand. “Tell my wife now to make love with me…tell her since she fear you so much. ”

“Listen to me at least.” The woman insisted.

“Tell her now before I desend on you, I won’t care if you are the mother to my wife.” I threatened angrily.

“What will you do, beat me?” She giggled.

“Baby, calm down and listen to mom.” Sonia said.

My shout has not been yielding anything , though.

I calmed and sat.

“I’m all ears now.” I said harshly.

The woman sat before me and let out an heavy sigh.

“I want the best for my daughter. I have my reasons for telling them not to make love yet.” She said.

“I’m listening to the reasons?” I said keenly as I prepared my ear to listen to whatever made her give her children such instructions.