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My V Bride. Chapter 13

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My V Bride.

Chapter 13

Fred’s POV

Many hours later, I woke and find myself on the bare floor. I must have got so drunk and slept off.

My eyes was now clear. My mind went straight to the ladies that I had brought home to dance with me.

I remembered that I saw them at the entrance of the bathroom with Sonia.

I walked back to the bathroom but couldn’t find anyone.

“Sonia!” I called but got no response. Few moments later, I heard steps walking down the stairs of the living room.

“Fred!” Sonia called as she walked to me. “I’m really hungry, I’ve been waiting for you to wake from your sleep and cook for me.”

“Erm…the ladies that were dancing with me, where are they?”

“I think they left, not sure though. If you have their numbers, why don’t you call them?”

“True!” I replied and brought my phone out. I called one of them but she didn’t pick.

A message popped on my phone while I was trying to dial the second lady’s number.

It reads: “Please stay away from us, your psycho wife almost killed us. Stay blocked.”

I arched my brow on reading the message and looked at Sonia.

“What did you do to them?” I asked.

“I don’t know, all I know is that they went to the bathroom and came out dancing.” She replied.

“Is that a joke? Tell me what you do to them?” I asked frankly.

“Seems you want to beat me for them.” She said and walked away from me. “Cook my food as soon as possible please. ”

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-At Night-

Sonia and I sat upright on the bed. I had woke her up and told her I needed to discuss with her.

“Sonia! Please tell me what I’ve done to you. Tell me why you have refused to make love with me.”

“Nothing.” Her replied came immediately.

“Let me know, is it that we are not going to make love in this our marriage forever?” I asked.

“Of course we will…but not now.”

“Okay. When?” I asked.

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean by that? What exactly is delaying us from making love. You know I’m a human and blood flows through me, if you keep refusing me to make love with you, what I may do now may be worst.” I threatened.

“Like making love with another woman before me?” She asked.

“Oh! You are indeed prepared for the worst but what I will do this time will be worst than you think.” I replied angrily and slept off.

She hugged me from behïnd and I felt warm. “I just want you to know that it’s not my will, my decisions are beyond me.”

I do not understand what she meant.


Someone make Fred understand?