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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 66

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Daddy’s Girl.

Episode 66

Kaden’s POV

My eyes opened all of a sudden, I saw myself in a pull of blood. I couldn’t understand what was going on with me for the first few seconds.

I looked towards the part of the body that the blood was crawling from, it was from my shoulder.

The place the bullet hit was almost close to my heart. I remembered Kian telling me not to die then but I was to weak to stay up.

I need to relax, my strength had failed me.

I had regained a little strength. Adam Seth is really pathetic, how did he think he can kill me and go scot free.

I started to crawl , out of the dark room first, towards the hallway and as I got to a passage that leads to the large living room, I saw a metal logo there.

“Isn’t this Sinners gang logo” I asked myself as I took it up, I saw Kian’s name inscribed on it.

This is very bad! How can Kian be so careless to bring his Sinner gang ID here….this is very stupid of him. I kept the metal logo in my pocket and began to crawl.

I noticed someone entered. My mind went straight to the cops and fear gripped my heart.

I was surprised when Chloe came into view.

“Kaden!” She called as she saw me lying in the pool of blood.

“Chloe!” I called weakly.

She ran and squatted beside me.

“Please don’t die… Who shot you? How did you get here?” She asked?

I gazed at her eyes and let my head fell.

She carried my head up in her hands and asked softly. “Kaden, please….tell me?”

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“Same person that jailed me cause I was in love with you two years ago.” I let out.

“My father?” She asked and I nodded.

She closed her eyes and absorbed her pain. She bite her lips painfully and opened it.

“Can I call the ambulance?” She asked.

“No…I don’t want to have issues with the cops, I will become a clear suspect seeing that your dad has been shot, they might think I did it.” I said.

That reminds me.” She said and began to search around for what I have no idea of.

“What are you searching for?” I asked.

“Someone told me there is a metal logo that belongs to the person that shot my dad in my house and true, I saw it after the killer left but I never paid attention to it.

” Oh!” I exclaimed. Who could have told her?

I didn’t want to ask so she would not suspect. The last thing I want is for her to suspect me.

“I can’t seem to find it anymore. ” She said.

“Sorry about that.” I said and yelled in pain as I held my shoulder.

I was fast loosing strength again.

“I have someone that could me come to treat you…he’s my dad’s doctor.” She said and I agreed she phoned the person.

“Stay alive Kaden.” She said while I nod.

I was laying on the floor while she squatted beside me.

She starred into me for so long, she placed her lips on my head to my surprise and kissed it.

I was stunned.

She held my hands into hers. “You went to jail just for been in love with me, you use to be my first love. My father confirmed it. Is there a way I can pay it back?” She asked.

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“I accepted my fate the way it is , Chloe. You can go ahead and love whomever you choose to love.”

“Your utterances are making me like you more. I have treasured my vir:gin:ity for many years of my life, you can take it. ” She said and I was shocked.

“Why will you give it to me?” I asked.

“I’m bewildered but I think the love I use to have for you is back, strongly. Stay with me Kaden, I love you.”