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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 4

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The Accidental Bride.

Chapter 4

Elizabeth’s POV

I kept running and praying to get a cab, I felt like they were many that were chasing me even though I wasn’t hearing sounds of leg after me.

I ran and at some point, I got really exhausted. I decided to turn to see how far or close those that were chasing me were ,but to my surprise, I didn’t see anyone.

I was stunned. How is that possible? I thought his guards will be after me.

A car parked beside me and the tinted glass winded down.

“Hey pretty!” The man inside the car said.

“Hi!” I waved and looked away. I’m not the type that gives in to strangers.

“You look so tired, how about I transport you to where you are going?” The man requested.

I remembered that when I was getting dressed as a bride in a room in that chamber, I had dropped my purse that had my money in it and had forgotten to take it with me.


I took a look at the man to see if it is someone I could trust.

After observing him, I concluded that I will enter his car.

He doesn’t look like someone that could hurt a fly.

“Thanks.” I said as I approached his car.

His door opened and I stepped in.

“Thanks.” I said again since he didn’t answer the first one.

He didn’t answer this either.

Seems he’s deaf.

I just hope his ear becomes opened when I get to the place I will be dropping.

“Erm…Owel Avenue is where I will be dropping.” I said to him but he didn’t even react like someone that heard what I was saying.

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He started to drive in a different direction, it was entirely opposite to where I was heading to.

“Mr. Man, are you deaf or blind?” I asked but he didn’t react.

I beat his car but he didn’t react still.

Even as he drives, I pushed him and he almost lost control of the drive.

He shot me a dangerous look, it wasn’t the type that I had seen.

He dipped his hand inside the little purse built with the door of his car and what he brought out shocked me.

I kept mute, I’m not ready to die.

Just like that?

From acting as Mr. Ashley Romoe’s bride to becoming a victim of kidnap.

What a sad and unlucky day for me.

I wonder what he would do with me.

He arrived at a very magnificent building and dropped. He came to my side and ordered me to drop.

I stepped down.

Who in the world kidnaps someone only to be brought to a place that looks like a palace.

What a beautiful building.

“Move!” He said and I moved as he lead me.

We arrived at a very beautiful and large sitting room.

“Sit.” He ordered and I obliged.

See the same man smiling and deceiving me to come over to his car now ordering me with one word.

I was nervous of what could be going on.

“She’s here sir.” The man said into the phone.

About five minutes later, someone walked in.

My heart skipped on seeing who the person was.

Guess. ?