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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 14

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The Accidental Bride.

Chapted 14

-Under Mr. Ashley Romeo’s Shed-

Elizabeth’s POV

“Ethan, meet my s-x slave.” Mr Ashley Romeo continued my introduction to the second man.

“Ethan and Jack here will be f–kin you every time for the next three days.” Mr Ashley Romeo said.

“What? ” I screamed as I stood.

I smirked wickedly. “the agreement was for only you not your friends.”

“Yeah…I felt like you won’t be hurt as much as I want if I make love with you so these my friends will be f–kin you.” He said and his friends laughed.

I was so angry.

“That’s never going to work.” I let out.

“It’s not for you to decide, once you are in my house ,you don’t have a will again.” He said and I felt so horrible.

Just because I did not have money, I will be hurt mercilessly my these men.

“Or…there is another choice, though.” Mr Ashley Romeo said.

I looked at him: “Which is?”

“Marry me willingly and I won’t let them touch you.” He said.

“Did you say ‘willingly?’ you are still forcing me cause the choices you are giving me are tight.” I said.

“Hey yha! it’s your choice. you either let these men use you mercilssly for three days or marry me for the rest of your life.” Mr Ashley Romeo said.

I was so confused. I loathed this men, I can’t imagine how horrible and irritating I will fell if these men’s d–k touches me.

An idea came to my head; which is to lie that I will marry him.

He will be deceived and I will run away when in any chance I’ve got. These time I will make sure I steal from him before I leave.

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“I’ll marry you.” I said and he smiled.

“Good of you.” He smiled and the faces of the two men turned sour.

I eyed the men who had been gazing at me lu–stfully.

“Bring it?”He said to the one name Jack and he brought out a file from behind him.

he placed it on the table before Mr Ashley Romeo.

” Elizabeth, you need to sign this marriage certificate as a prove that you are willing. I need to show it to the world as a prove that I’m now legally married. Jack here is a lawyer and Ethan here is a witness.” Mr Ashley Romeo said.