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Daddy’s Girl. Episode 68

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Daddy’s Girl.

Episode 68

Kian’s POV.

“Kaden? How? That’s not possible, who told you?” I asked but all I heard were sobs.

“Chloe!” I called but there was no response. She only kept crying.

I checked my phone and saw the location that she was. I hung up and went inside to change into a proper dress.

I drove straight to the address. I walked in and stared around hoping to see someone to attend to me.

“Kian!” I heard a soft voice behind me and on turning, it turns out to be Chloe.”

I walked to her and saw as she leaned by the wall weakly.

“Chloe! What’s going on? Who told you Kaden shot your dad?” I asked. Her face had been pale and sad.

She brought out something from her pocket and showed me, it was Sinners gang ID.

What! How did it end up with her?


—-A Month Ago—

Kian’s POV

After I had helped Kaden with a kidney, I took him with me to the penthouse.

I wanted him to stay close to me. We had settled the scores we had between us.

I realized that Kaden might be suspicious of the act of Kyle, Jace and I. He might also want to ask about our source of income.

So I decided to tell him the truth about me. If he snitches on me after the sacrifice of my kidney that I had done for him, then good for him and bad for me.

I called him over and told him about the sinners gang, he was surprised that I head the popular criminal gang that had remains anonymous to the government for years.

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I then promised that I will get him a sinners gang ID, he doesn’t have to do the job we do , but as long as he will remain here, he needs to possess the ID to be part of us.

We have rules that allows us kill anyone that is not a member of Sinners gang even if the person is our mother.

Kaden might not breach the rule but should in case he does, he will be exempted from the punishment since he’s a member plus he will get to share all the money we earn.

—Back to present—

I collected the metal logo from Chloe and expressed shock like I have no idea what it insinuate.

“Why will he shoot my dad?” She asked.

“Have you shown this to anyone?” I asked and she nodded.

“The doctor met me crying and I explained everything to him, he told me the logo is the symbolic inscription sinners gave leave anytime they go for an operation. Could Kaden by among the sinners gang? Was that why my father wanted him to stay away from me?” Chloe asked.

I sighed.

“Chloe! Just take it easy.” I said feeling very insecure.

An external party has known that Kaden is a member of the sinners gang, it might lead to us being exposed.

But what is Chloe doing with the doctor and how did she find this logo?

Someone walked in and spoke; “Chloe! He seems to be responding to treatment, I will leave now and come back later, feel comfortable.” The man said.

He ignored me and walked away.

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“Wait! Is he treating my brother?”I asked.

“Yea, I met Kaden in the pool of blood in my place and I called the doctor to treat him.” She explained and find a chair to sit.

She was so down.

I ran outside and saw the doctor already entering his car.

“Excuse me sir.” I said and the man paused. He stood by the side of his car and waited for whatever I have to say.

I walked to him like I wanted to tell him something but I hit him on his nose immediately.

If he should leave , he will tell the cops what he had seen.

The man staggered and tried to fight me, I smirked.

He doesn’t even have any idea who he is fighting with.

I charged at him and knocked him in few seconds. I held his neck tight to stop him from breathing.

I watched as the man struggles for breath.

Ouch! I had already vowed never to kill anyone again but…I can not let this man expose the identity of the sinners gang.

After the man had struggled for few minutes , he gave up the ghost.

I felt bad that I killed the man but I had no choice.

I cleaned the little sweat formed on my forehead.

I stood and dusted my hand as I watched the man’s body laid dead

“I’m sorry….I really do not have a choice.” I said and turned.

I jerked back fearfully at the image of the person I saw.