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My V Bride. Chapter 17

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My V Bride.

Chapter 17

Fred’s POV

“But we conducted all necessary test before our marriage then and you came out all negative. Where do you get the idea that you are positive?

” Well, you heard my mom talked about the truth that she has a terrible sickness right?” She asked.


“You didn’t care what sickness she has.”

“Are you saying she is HIV positive?” I asked.

“Yes, my mom is HIV positive, my dad left us when the secrete got unveiled that we are HIV positive.” She confessed.

I went to sit down slowly on the stool with my mouth dropped in shock.

“Is that one of the reasons why you have been stopping us from making love?”

“I do not want you to innocently contact it from me.” She said and my head swell.

I didn’t know when tears start to drop from my face.

So Sonia and her mom are HIV positive?

What kind of a silly mistake did the doctor made when we both conducted test then?

“But baby, there are ways to this things, I can use a co—ndóm to make love with you.” I said.

“The day the co—-ndóm mistakenly tears is the day you contact it, plus how are we going to give birth?” She asked.

“The same way your mom give birth. IVF.” I replied.

“Hum! I don’t want you to contact it, I have a fear that if we give birth through IVF, by one way or the other, our children will contact it too.” She said.

“I was born through IVF but…I contacted it too.” She added and I reasoned with her.

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“Let’s seek advice from a professional first, there should be a way around this.” I said and went to meet her.

I sat beside her and kissed her softly.

“Sonia, don’t feel bad cause of your state, I will always love you and thanks for telling me the truth, I love you more.” I said to her and she nodded.

I petted her to sleep.

For real? So I would have been HIV positive just like that? I’m glad she tells me the truth.

Who thinks Sonia is telling the truth?
Or is there more?