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My V Bride. Chapter 83

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 83


A month later, Fred had worked for thirty days and was about to save $15,000 from is $500 daily Job.

He goes to work in the morning and come back at night including Sundays.

I love the kind of man my husband is turning into.

He had come back from work that day and had just finished shøwering, he came to me and said; “We need to visit your mom so she can help me add the remaining $5,000.”

“Sure.” I said and we went to my mom’s place two days later.

Those men that Anita were using to coarse him to collect her money had given him three months grace to work and pay it back.

My mom did as she had promised and gave Fred $5,000.

“I’m sorry for beating you few months ago when you tried cheating on my daughter, I hope this money I give you today will make you forgive me totally.” My mom said.

“I’m forgving you ma, I’m really grateful.” Fred said weakly and I smiled.

Fred and I returned home.

“Sonia, you are wicked.” He said

We were bøth sitting on our bëd.


He interrupted me and said; “Don’t ‘baby’ me , please, you were collecting your salary but you would rather use it for what you want than to help me, I’m disappointed in you.”

“I was only trying to save for our future.” I replied.

“Did you say ‘future?’ it is those that are alive that have a future, if I had died, will your savings be useful?” He asked.

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I tried speaking but he wasn’t listening.

He faced the other side of the bed and slept off.

I sighed and also slept.


Fred had gone to pay the money he was owing Anita and was back home.

“Baby, are you going to keep working?” I asked.

“God forbid, I had worked and paid my debt, I’m no longer working?” He said and sadness overclouded me.

I thought he had really changed and have now become hardworking, I never knew that it was just for a short period of time.

I wanted to turn to leave when he called.


I turned to him with an unsatisfied look.

“I need to tell you something.” He said and I went to to him.

I stood before him.

“Sit” He ordered.

“I’m fine, what did you want to tell me?”