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My V Bride. Chapter 82

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 82

Sonia’s POV

” Where is Anita’s money?” One of the men asked Fred.

“I couldn’t get it, you can take me away and do all you want.” Fred said.

“Sure.”The men took Fred away.

Well, I hope he comes back home this time with a change of heart.

Five days later, I was expecting Fred but decided not to act, I had just come back from work and saw him sitted.

” Fred!” I called and ran to him like I had missed him.

On seeing his face, it was not what I could recognize again, they were all swollen, he couldn’t even speak.

“Fred! they did this to you?” I asked but he couldn’t utter a word.

He signalled with his hands that I should get him a pen and a paper and I quickly did.

I gave it to him and he wrote; “Please find a doctor to come and treat me as soon as possible, I will now work.”

I almost laughed when I read the last three words.

“On it.”I said and invited the doctor over.

He started undergoing treatment.

After few days, he stated getting better and was now about to speak.

” Sonia, seems we need to visit your mom again, I need that job.” He said.

“Sure!” I answered.

Later that day, I drove him to my mom’s place.

She was not at home but we waited for her till she arrives.

When she arrived, Fred and I sat before her at the living room.

“I hope your husband did not come to shout on me this time?” My mom asked.

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“I’m sorry for the previous time, actually, I came here to tell you that I’m now interested in working.” Fred said and my mom scoffed.

“So, you are ready to work?”My mom asked emphatically.

” Yes ma.”

“Hum? the job of a supervisor is no longer available, though but you can do the work you were doing those days, I will tell their supervisor not to maltreat you. you will be paid as at when due too, when you have gathered $15,000,let me know so I can help you add $5,000.” My mom said.

“I’m grateful for the $5,000 you want to add but it will take me so much time to gather $15,000 seeing that we are only being paid $5000 per day.”

“Patient and hardworking is a virtue.” My mom answered him.