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My V Bride. Chapter 80

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 80

Sonia’s POV

It was the end of the month and I had just received a credit alert of my salary. I was glad and was now returning home from office.

On getting home, I saw Mike at the living room

“I’ve been expecting you baby.” He said and stood.

“Thank you.” I replied and he came to hug me.

“I cooked a delicious food for you?” He said and I smiled.

“Thank you?” I walked to the dinning, he had already served us.

We both sat before each other. I started eating.

Just like I had been expecting, he asked; “Erm…have you received your salary?”

“Yes love.”I replied with a smile.

” Wow.” He said and there was silence between us.

I continued eating and just when I was few spoons to finish eating the foods, he said; “Erm…hope you brought the money home?”

“Oh no! for the sake of theft, you know one has to be very careful this days.” I replied.

“I actually fixed the money at the company’s cooperate account.” I further said.

He sat upright and said; “You kept the money at?… Ernm….You should have just brought it home since you know what I want to use it to do?” His voice was now loud.

“What’s that?” I feined ignorance and continued eating.

“Are you telling me that you did not know what I needed your salary for?” He questioned.

“To be sincere, I forgot. Remind me, baby.” I lied.

How can I forget something like that?

“I wanted to pay the debt I was owing Anita, remembere it was because of your cranky act that made me wanted to divorce you in the first place?” I asked.

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“Baby! do you want to divorce me this time?” I asked. “But I’m letting you make love with me anytime you like, even when I am tired , I still allow you.” I said.

“Sonia, where is your salary?” He asked like he was requesting for his money in my hand.

“You mean ‘my salary’ I emphasized.

” Yes?”

“I told you I locked it up in the company’s cooperate account, I can not withdraw it withdraw it until it is next year.” I said but didn’t look at his face.

“Really? ” He asked and stood.

He started pacing around.

The visitor’s bell rang and I knew at once that Anita and her men had come for their money.