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My V Bride. Chapter 84

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My V Bride

Written by Feathers

Chapter 84

Sonia’s POV

“It’s about Anita, did you realize that she is pregnant?” He asked.

“Sure, I do…how about that?” I asked.

“Did you remember that I made love with her the night I left you in Mexico?” He asked.

“I do remember.” I answered.

“Well, that pregnancy inside Anita is mine.” I said.

“You must be kidding, right?” I asked.

“I’m serious, I should have used the püll out method but I was frustrated then.” He said and I smirked dryly.

“Fred! What’s all this again, we are suppose to live a happy life?” I said.

“If you had let me make love with you from the onset, would I have gone out to meet with her? you frustrated me with your poor romantic life.” He said and I kept looking at him in surprise.

“What are we going to do now?” I asked.

“I do not know, that was why I told you.” He answered.

“It’s very simple, tell her to abōrt it and that you can not father the child.” I said.

“You want me to abort my baby?”He asked.

” Fred! are you sure you are al..right?” I said.

“Sorry, but…do you actually plan on keeping the baby, Did I say I would not give birth to a baby for you?” I asked.

“I know you would, but… I can’t just kill an innocent baby just because of my mistake.” He said.

“So you want to have a child outside of wedlock, if my mom hears, I hope you know it will be worst, this is what my mom hates, I had done practically all you want. Fine , you make mistakes in the past, can’t you fix it?” I asked angrily.

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“Don’t threaten me with your mom, Sonia. I am not aborting that child.” Fred said and walked away.

I was devastated, I had thought our marriage would now be peaceful but what in the world is Fred talking about.

I had said I would not report all that happens in our relationship to mum again but it looks impossible right now.

I went out and drove straight to my mom’s place.

I called with tears pouring from my face and she came out to me.

“Did Fred beat you?” She asked.

“No mom, he impregenated another lady.” I reported.

“Sit down, how did it happen?”She asked calmly.