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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 5

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 5

Elizabeth’s POV

I was stunned to see Mr. Ashley Romeo. The same man that I had slapped.

My days! I’m very sure he will command his men to beat me blue back.

I looked around as my heart beats nervously, I was looking for how to escape but with the way the house is built , it seems impossible to escape.

“I only helped you cause your men told me to, is this how you will pay me back? You could have been disgraced right in front of everyone.” I said and he signalled for the man that had kidnapped me to come to him.

He whispered words to the man and the man came to me.

“Follow me.” The man said.

“Huh? To where again?” I asked.

The man brought out his scary object again and I quickly obliged. I followed the man gently and on getting to a room, he said; “this will be your room.”

He turned to leave but I yelled on him saying; “Did I tell you I need a room? Oh! He wants to come and sleep with me, right? Is this an h-otel or something? ”

The man never responded, he simply walked away and finally faded out of sight.

What nonsense is this? Why in the world do I have to feel like easing myself?

Why do I have to look like Mr Ashley Romeo’s bride?

Gosh! I’m so angry right now. Today is such an unlucky day for me.

I turned to the room and frustratingly pushed the door open. I barged in and the look of the room looked so beautiful and adorable.

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My mouth dropped at its beauty. Every single thing in that room was made with gold.

This man is rich for real.

I settled on the bed and wondered when they will tell me to leave.

A woman appeared at the entrance of my room with a tray.

I stood and walked to her, I discovered that there was food inside the tray.

“Please take and eat.” The woman said.

“Who told you to serve me?” I asked.

“Mr Ashley Romeo.”

“I need to know when he will release me, return the food to him.” I said and the woman lowered her head a little.

“Alright.” She said and turned.

What! She can’t even persist that I take the food.

And there is a big meat on top of that rice. My days!

“Hey, come.” I called out to the woman and she turned.

She walked to me. I took the big meat there and tore a bite.

While holding the chicken and chewing the bite, I told the woman; “You can take the food back to him now, tell him I took the meat and angrily throw it to my stomach.”