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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 6

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Oyebamiji Samuel Feathers.

Chapter 6

Elizabeth’s POV

I had eaten the chicken but the hunger has not subsided in me.

I wonder what Mr. Ashley Romeo’s response will be after the woman deliver to him what I said.

I was hungry. I started searching for the kitchen is in the house and luckily I found it.

The kitchen was so beautiful and lovely. I walked to the fridge and opened it.

I was surprised to see all sort of delicious food and drinks inside.

I picked the yoghurt while looking around to see if anyone wasn’t coming.

I picked two apples there and finally closed the fridge. These ones should fill my stomach for the time being.

I tip toed out of the kitchen and walked to my room, on walking inside, I saw him sitting on my bed.

Mr Ashley Romeo.

One of the apples I was holding dropped from my hand. Is he going to punish me cause I have stolen from him?

He stood without saying a word and walked to me.

“You acted as my bride, offence number 1, You kissed me, offence number 2, you slapped me, offence number 3.” He said.

“I….I was…only trying to help you.” I stuttered as I moved back.

He moved close to me. The more I try to move back is the more he moves close to me.

He finally closes up on me on a wall, where I could no longer move back.

“No one escapes from me, lady.” He said while I just looked inside his beautiful blue eyes.

“Mr. Ashely…Romeo, learn….to…be grateful.” I said and quickly close my eyes fearfully thinking he will hurt me cause of what I said.

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“I thought of how best I can teach you a lesson you will never forget and I haven’t found yet. ” He said and took two steps back.

He picked the apple that fell from my hand and began to eat it.

I simply watched him surprisingly.

After he was done eating, he walked up to me and snatched the second apple I was holding from my hand.

He starts to eat that too and he was soon done eating.

He tried to snatch the yoghurt but I refused to let him have it.

“You are so rich ,you have many things in your store, go and take and eat there, why take from me?” I asked.

“I didn’t give you permission to take anything that belongs to me. You have stolen from me and this is my way of punishing you. Eating what you stole in your presence.” He explained.

“Well, I’m not giving you this yoghurt though.” I said.

He smirked. “Give me and I will let you go freely.”

“Really?” I looked the yoghurt in my hand, I was really feeling like drinking but since it’s the key to my release, I gave it to him.

He collected it from me and drank a little. He poured the rest to the floor.

What! When I’n hungry and really want to drink it.

He walked to the exit of my room and I followed.

“Why are you following?” He asked.

” you said you will release me if I give you my yoghurt.”

“Your yogurt?” He repeated scornfully. “Bring that teddy on the bed for me.”

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I turned and wondered what he wants with the teddy again.

I went nevertheless to bring the teddy, to my surprise, he walked out and closed the door on me.