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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Elizabeth’s POV

Forteen Days Later!

Mr. Ashley Romoe had sent the exact amount that will last me for 12 more days at the hotel on the day that I had called that I was in need of money.

I has really hustled to see if I could get the money to pay him but everything seems futile. I was so sad that I would be becoming his s-x slave for there days as agreed.

i was inside my room at the hotel eating my yoghurt when my phone rang.

I wasn’t surprised when I saw Mr. Ashley Romeo as the caller.

I picked it.

“Are we still on?” His voice came in.

“We were never off.” I replied like I never understood what he meant.

“My money please?” He asked.

“I can’t pay, I’ve got no money on me.” I declared frankly.

“Interesting, so the obstinate girl that wouldn’t become my wife honorably is now going to become my s-x slave.” He mocked.

“For three days only.” I quickly added painfully.

“I’m sure in those three days, you would have a lot of my seed inside you, your p—sy would have tore by then, I guess cause I will f–k you raw, I will make you forget who you were.” He said and I just closed my eyes to absorb the pain his words wereee causing me.

“Are you going to come to my house yourself or I should tell my men to come and pick you up?” He asked.

“And what if I run away?” I asked and he giggled.

“I wish you can but if you do, how will you live seeing that neither you nor your poor parents are wealthy. despite f–kin you here , you will still be able to drink as many yoghurts as you want.” He said.

“I’m coming myself, send transport fare.” I said.

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“That won’t be necessary, chatter any car of your choice to my place, as soon as you get to my place , my men will settle the cab man.” He replied and I cussed underneath my breath.

I had thought he would send the transport fare so I can use it to buy more time.

I alighted from the car that I had chattered to his place. Just like he had promised , his men were already waiting before the house, they paid the cab man.

I walked inside Mr Ashley Romeo to begin my journey as a s-x slave for three days.