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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 20

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 20

Elizabeth’s POV

About one hour later, I opened the door to the bathroom slightly and peeped out, I could not see Mr. Ashley Romeo and his friends in the sitting room again.

I walked out fully and waddled to the exit of the house, I saw Mr Ashley Romeo and those men at the garage in the compound of the house.

Seems they are about leaving.

I simply watched them. The two men entered two different cars and drove away.

Mr Ashley Romeo turned and started working towards the house. I became nervous.

What happened to them? when did they wake? What did they say?

I have no idea what was going on.

I went to sit on the chair in the living room with my legs on the table.

Mr Ashley Romeo walked in and as he saw me, he stood still.

“Who told you to come out of that bathroom? I thought you would be living there forever.” He said and also came to sit on one of the chairs in the living room.

“Get up.” He ordered and I stood.

“Re-move your clothes.” He ordered.

“Why? you can’t tell me to remove my clothes, what for?” I said still standing.

“You are my s-x slave and I should order you the way I want.” He said but I remained adamant.

For my clothes to drop off me, he will have to come and do it himself.

“In a rich man’s house, anything is possible.” He said.

“Oh! like you have a remote that can control my cloth or what?” I asked

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He smirked and walked in.

I ignored him and sat back to the chair, I set my eyes watching the television only for everything to turn black all of a sudden.

Everywhere was deeply dark that I couldn’t see a thing.

The darkness was a thick one.

“Mr Ashley Romeo, Did your light went off?” I screamed in frustration.

It was like I was the one that went blind.

I didn’t get any response.

I wobbled round the room , not knowing exactly where is where.

My leg slipped and as I fell, my body fell to the floor but my head fell to the foot of someone.

“You should look before leaping.” Mr Ashley Romeo’s voice sounded.

“Huh? I held unto his leg tight. Turn on the light, please?” I pleaded and he smirked.

“I made your eyes blind and you are thinking everywhere is dark.” He said calmly.

Huh? Does that mean I’m blind?