October 24, 2021

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My V Husband. Chapter 56

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V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 56

Rose’s POV


I was at home but my mind was with Ethan, I wondered why the meeting was held at the hotel when there are halls in reasonable places.

Anyway, I trust my husband.

But this Brandon of a guy must be really crazy? How can you propose to me in the middle of the crowds like we’ve had something personal.

Well, he’s the one embarrassed not me.

My phone beep and I picked it without even checking who was it that was calling me.

“Rose!” I recognized the voice immediately to be that of Brandon.

“What did you want Brandon?” I questioned.

“I love you and I can’t help it.” He said.

“Sorry, but find someone else to love ,I’m madly in love with my husband…and listen clearly, don’t ever call my number again, I’m blocking you.” I said and hung up.

I blocked his number and hissed.

A message popped up on my phone and I wondered who it was this time.

On checking it, I saw Sonia as the sender.

Oh! baby Sonia!

I quickly checked and the message reads: “So it’s your Rose that wanted to snatched my boyfriend away from me? you know how much I have loved him, is this how you want us to end it? You know I can be crazy when it comes to my boyfriend right? And now he has proposed to you…hmn! don’t even deny, check the picture below.”

I saw the picture of Brandon kneeling and proposing to me.

So Brandon is Sonia’s boyfriend.

What! I became disturbed and perturbed.

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I quickly place a call to Sonia but she didn’t pick it.

I called her up to sixteen times to explain that it is not what she’s thinking but she wasn’t picking up.

I became so sad that I couldn’t even eat.

I’ve got my own husband for crying out loud, he may be weird romantically but that doesn’t imply that I will cheat on him, never!

I love Ethan so much and no man can replace his place in my heart.

I didn’t even know when I slept off.

Around 4AM in the morning, the visitor’s bell rang and I became a frightened wondering who it was that could be at the entrance of the door at a time like this.

Ethan is probably still in meeting?

Could it be that Brandon?

Who do you think is at the door?