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My V Husband. Chapter 59

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 59

Rose’s POV

“I was wondering; if you are not close with someone, can they suddenly propose to you?” He asked.

“No, they can’t. It doesn’t make sense. I went to the restaurant when you were not around just to eat and have fun, only for Brandon to show up and propose publicly to me like we have had something in common before” I explained.

“Since we move to this new house, I have never seen traces of Brandon, how did he know where you went to eat, why was the sit before you vacant: doesn’t that imply that he was there eating with you?” He asked.

“Not like that baby, common! you know I can’t cheat on you, just trust me.” I said to Ethan but his head was still lowered.

“Logically, it seems like both of you are into something deep. Rose…” He looked inside my face. “What happened between the both of you when you left me for almost a week?” He asked.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing.” I replied. “Though he tried to make love with me but I refused. As a matter of fact, it was why I start to feel uncomfortable around him because he kept demanding to make love with me.” I explained.

“But are you guys friends?” He asked.

“No, we are not….I even blocked him
the last time he called me.” I was now getting uncomfortable. I do not like the way Ethan was doubting me.

“He must be silly to propose to my wife.” Ethan said.

“Very silly. ” I replied looking into Etnan’s face.

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I need him to believe me.

Why in the world will I ever cheat on him?

Ethan stood and I followed.

“Has he known our new house?” He asked.

” No, I didn’t even know how he got to know where I went to eat.” I answered.

“Did you have a quarrel with Sonia cause her act speaks a volume? even if you were cheating, for her to tell me , it implies to me that something is not right somewhere.” He said.

“True, I was about telling you. Sonia and I have not been in good terms. Plus I’m just getting to know that Brandon is a human and a boyfriend to Sonia.” I said.

“Are you been serious?” He asked.

“Very serious, she probably thought I have a thing with her boyfriend but I didn’t.” I said.

“I’m blocking her number….let’s go make love.” Ethan said.


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