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Accidental Bride. Chapter 22

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The Accidental Bride

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 22.

Elizabeth’s POV

“Mr Ashley Romeo, what you are doin is not right?” I said to him with his two hands still on my b—t.

“Okay, teach me what is right and wrong in my own empire.” He enquired.

“You have no right to touch my body, you know that?” I asked.

He removed his hand and I seem not to know where he dissapered into.

“Where are you? ….can you hear me?…Mr Ashely Romeo?” I kept waddling around but still couldn’t find him nor perceive where he is.

“Let me see for crying out loud.” I screamed. The way they put me in darkness made me really frustrated and angry.

I sat on the floor and kept quiet, I was there like that for many hours.

Suddenly, everything lighted on again. It was like the light in the house turned on. I thought he said he had made me blind.

I looked around in search for Mr Ashley Romeo but couldn’t find him.

“You agreed to be my s–x slave for three days but now I did not even have the right to touch your body?” He asked.

I turned around but couldn’t see him.

Where in the world is he speaking from?

“Where are you?” I was loud.

“Sometimes before you, other times, behind you but in a rich man’s house, anything is possible?” he replied

“Don’t make me blind again.” I quickly let out.

“I don’t give the same punishment twice, I think you should answer my question.” He said.

“Well, you made me your s–x slave because I couldn’t pay your money, did you see how cruel you are?” I asked

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*Fine, I won’t touch you unless you permit me.” He said.

“But you touched my b–st already right?” I asked.

“I apologize.” He said and I nodded.

I was hungry, I went to the kitchen but sadly, I can’t find any chocolate.

I went into Mr Ashley Romeo’s room and planted a knock on it.

“Yea!” His voice sounded.

” I can’t find any yoghurt in the kitchen.” I said.

“Why should you eat anything that belongs to me, I do not think you have the right to.” He said.

“Indeed! Why did you also held me captive in your house, let me go?” I said

“And where would you leave? You can’t return to your parent’z house and you can’t afford an hotel.”