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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 32

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 32

Elizabeth’s POV

“Are you going to make me disappear this time? I never meant what I said….” I said and looked away.

Mr Ashley Romeo let out a brief cough and I turned to his driver, I saw a smile on his face that quickly disappeared as soon as he caught me staring at him.

What’s funny to him?

He wouldn’t let out the smallest smile on the funniest thing.

Weird man.

He ordered the driver to continue driving and he obeyed.

About an hour later, the car drove inside an environment that looked like an estate.

There were so many beautiful buildings around and so many roads that leads to different parts.

It was such a beautiful place, after few minutes of driving, we arrived at a beautiful building , there was a beautiful river right before it.

It was very large and separated by some rocks. I saw a man and a woman from afar standing on the rock and their clothes reacting to the winds that was blowing.

Aren’t this people scared?

How can they stand in the middle of a river? what if they fall?

I had been peeping through the window of the car that had come to an halt.

“Please come down, Mrs Romeo.” I jerked and looked to the person that had just spoken.

it was the first time that someone would address me with the surname of Mr Ashley Romeo.

I coghed briefly and said to the driver; “Call me Elizabeth.” I was on a fake smile.

“I feel more comfortable referring to you as Mrs Romeo seeing that you are the wife of my boss.” He was being polite and being too respectful.

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I’m sure th money in his account is far greater than mine.

I nodded and turned beside me, I didn’t even realize Mr Ashley Romeo had stepped down.

I got off the car while the driver entered the car. He reversed and drove away; towards the path we had come from.

I took my face away from him and stared around.

Where is this Mr Ashley Romeo?

Is he suppose to leave his wife just like that?

Such a jerk!

I walked towards the rock that separated the seas

The man and the woman that were far off the rock started approaching me and in few minutes , they arrived before me.

It was Jack and my sister.