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Legend Of The Blue Sea. Episode 14

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????????LEGEND OF THE BLUE SEA????????
????(A tale of two worlds)????
•~A Korean love story

????Episode Fourteen????

Shin Woo’s POV cont.d????

‘It’s none of your business!!’..she screamed and grabbed the socks from my hands….

‘Oh this is ridiculous,why did a rolled sock fall out of your bra Min Ah?’..I asked and she fumed..

‘How did you know I wore a bra, were you spying on me?’..she asked back and I cleared my throat…

I won’t let her derange the fun I’m having now….

‘Your boobs aren’t that small so why put that thing in your bra,are you trying to impress me?’…

She groaned and lied on the wooden floor…

‘i have to sleep,I’m tired so when it’s morning wake me up’…

Kim Hyun’s POV????

It’s 11:30pm and they’re not here yet..

‘Luna what did you do?!!’..I screamed from my side of the tent and she snickered…

‘Ok fine I left her on the road’…


‘You left her on the road?!!,are you that ruthless?!!’..I screamed and I would have done more if it wasn’t raining…

‘oh please this is just plain revenge,I need my beauty sleep so shut the fuck up!!’…she said and I saw her light go off….

Oh God I’m so worried about Min Ah and Shin but most especially Min…..

I just pray they’re okay….

Min Ah’s POV????

I can’t believe he saw those socks..

Ugh he’s going to taunt me for the rest of my life…

I just saw a video on that cell phone thing where they were doing the #Makeyourbreastbig challenge and I liked it….

I never liked my boobs anyway…

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Other mermaids always taunt me that they’re too small..

‘Hey move over and let’s share the blanket’..Shin woo said and I moved….

He came under the warm blanket and I heard him breathe loudly….

‘Please turn the other way’..I said and he smirked…

‘Don’t worry I won’t kiss you’..he replied…

He’s so confusing…

One minute he’s funny and the next minute he’s as cold as a sea stone….

An Hour Later????

I heard him snore deeply beside me and I laughed softly…

So the Arrogant superstar snores like a pig…

Then suddenly his hands covered my waist and he hugged me close to himself that I could feel his heart beat…..

What is he doing????….

Kim Hyun’s POV????

‘Baek I’m off to go look for Min’…I said but all I got was a deep grunt..

I guess he’s still fast asleep….

I took my car keys and drove off to the main road….

Don’t worry Min..

I’m coming….

Shin Woo’s POV????

‘wake up sleepy head!!’..I said to her as she sat up beside me…

‘Good morning’…


‘It looks like the rain has stopped so me have to move now, I’m not sure I have enough. gas to last us’….I added and she nodded….

‘What is gas?’…

‘Are you that dumb you half fish?!!’..I said irritatingly and she frowned…

We walked outside and luckily Kim was beside my motorcycle pacing….

‘Oh God I’m glad you’re both okay’..he said as he ran towards us and hugged Min Ah…

Why is he doing that??…

‘Ok let’s go before I puke’…..

An HOur Later????
At the campsite????…

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Immediately we alighted from the car i spotted Luna and before I could react….

‘You devilish squid!!!!’..Min Ah screamed and ran towards her….

Luna wasn’t quick enough and Min Ah did the unthinkable….