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Legend Of The Blue Sea. Episode 42

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????????LEGEND OF THE BLUE SEA????????
????(A tale of two worlds)????
•~A Korean Love story…

????Episode Forty-Two????


Shin Woo’s POV????

Seven Months Later????
At the shores of the blue sea????

????????Wise men say..

????????Only fools rush in..

????????But I can’t help, falling in love with you..

????????Shall I stay??..

????????Would it be a sin??..

????????If I can’t help falling in love with you…

I stood at the shores of the blue sea wearing a white tuxedo with a comfortable audience…

‘Wh..what if she doesn’t come?’..I asked Baek and he slapped the back of my head…

‘Would you stay calm and behave like a man??,The bride is always late’..he whispered and I tapped my foot on the sand ..

Ten minutes gone and she still wasn’t here..

‘Oh God I’m finished she’s not coming!!’..I cried out and she slapped me again…

‘Dude you’ve got to stop doing that!!’..I complained and he pointed at someone and when I turned she was there…

Wearing the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen with her baby bump showing a little…

She walked through the isle slowly and Kim cleaned the drool that was coming out from my mouth…

‘You look pretty’..I whispered as she reached where I was and she blushed…

Ten Minutes Later????
‘You may now kiss the bride’..The priest said and as I bent to kiss Min she screamed….


‘Baby what’s wrong?!!’..I asked as she screamed again…

‘S..Shin I think my water just broke,your baby is coming!!’..she cried out..

‘W..what Oh God!!,Baek please get the car!!’..I screamed as the small crowd scampered for help…

I wanted the wedding to be done in the church but no..

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she wanted it near the sea..

‘It’s okay Min you’re going to be okay’..I said as she panted heavily…

‘I am not okay!!!!’…she screamed….

Five Minutes Later????
‘Drive faster Baek!!’..I begged and he frowned..

‘There’s a little bit of traffic dude I can’t fly can I??’..he replied but Min didn’t agree..

‘Shin you’re the cause of all this!!,ahhh I hate you so much!!’..she cried and slapped me on my neck…

Gosh why is everyone slapping me today?!!..

‘Please wifey just stay calm okay,we’re almost at the hospital’..I said and shifted a little bit to avoid her slaps…

is this what it feels like?..

seeing her in pain is also giving me pains..

I just can’t bear it..

‘We’re here already!!!’..Baek said as he parked the car at Seoul Central and some nurses came towards us…

I wanted to follow them but I was stopped…

‘Leave this to us sir she’s going to be fine’..a nurse said and I nodded…

‘Where the hell is Nana?!!’..I asked and Baek smirked..

‘Nana and Kim sneaked off Shin,they’ll be back in two days’..he said and I flinched…

‘Two days?!!,WTF!! but Kim was near me during the wedding!!’..

‘Yeah you were so mesmerized by your wife’s beauty that you didn’t notice him leaving’..he said and I sighed…

‘Oh God, Oh God help her!!’..I said as I paced around and Baek laughed…

‘Ahhhhhhh!!!!’..I heard Min scream and my heart jumped..

‘Is she okay!!!’..I screamed as I banged through the door and when it opened I heard the cry if a baby…

My baby…

‘She’s a girl’…


Min Ah’s POV????

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‘Seo Woo stop biting your cousin!!!’..I screamed as I pulled her away from Tae hyung,Kim’s son…

‘He called me ba-ba’..she squeaked..

‘he called you a what??’..

‘a ba-ba-blll’..she said in her cute voice and I laughed…

Min Nana walked in alongside with her husband Kim and Tae ran with his tiny legs to meet them…

‘Hey sis,can you take Seo woo along?,I have some work to finish’..I said to her and she carried my daughter…

‘Where’s Shin Woo anyway??’..Kim asked..

‘He’s in the studio,you know how he is when he’s writing a new song’..I replied and he nodded…

‘Okay we’re leaving now,say bye bye to mommy’..He said and I kissed my baby…


Ten Minutes Later????

I stood at the terrace of our new house and inhaled the sea breeze..

I began singing my favorite blue sea song when I felt a hand circled around my waist…

‘Hmmm’..I moaned as he kissed my neck..

‘Come join me in the hot tub baby’..he whispered and I smirked..

‘Are you in the mood for a new baby?’..I teased and he frowned..

‘Hell no!!!,Seo Woo is enough for me!!’..he screamed and I laughed..

‘You’re crazy Shin Woo but I love you anyway’..

‘I love you too my mermaid’..