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Legend Of The Blue Sea. Episode 40

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????????LEGEND OF THE BLUE SEA????????
????(A tale of two worlds)????
•~A Korean Love Story..

????Episode Forty????

♥????Quarter Finale♥????

Min Ah’s POV????

A Week Later????
‘Okay it’s time to remove your cast now’..the nurse said to Shin but he kept proving stubborn..

‘No I don’t want to remove it,it’s going to hurt’..he said and I frowned..

‘Come on Shin, it’s just a cast besides don’t you want to perform at the concert with me?’…I said but he still refused…

‘No I don’t want to remove it,it’s gonna hurt so bad!!’..he cried out and I laughed…

‘You’re acting like a baby in front of your unborn baby,stop embarrassing yourself or do you want him to think that his daddy is a wimp!!’..I said and he frowned…

‘Yahhh!!,you know I love you but sometimes you’re really harsh with your words’..he said and I laughed…

I walked away and I heard him scream behind me..

‘You owe me a kiss for this!!!’..

I laughed and went to my room and sat on the bed thinking about the past few months..

What Omma said finally came to pass..

I finally found happiness with the man I love and with a baby that hasn’t been born yet…

Kim and my sister are kinda acting really strange around each other but I’m sure there’s a chemistry between the both of them…

‘Hey Min someone brought a package for you’…Baek said thus breaking me from my thoughts…

‘Leave it there,I’ll check it later’..I replied and he left the package on my table…

After a minute of being bored I picked up the package and when I opened it I was scared to death…

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It was a baby doll soaked in blood and there was a note on it..


‘Shin get up here now!!!!!!’…

Luna Lang’s POV????

‘You should have seen her reaction from the hidden camera in the doll Omma,it was epic!!!!’..I laughed out and she smiled..

‘that’s good my little star,they’re going to pay for putting you in jail’..she replied and I brought out the gun from my drawer…

‘i want to personally kill that wench,she took everything from me,my fame, my power my everything and I’m going to kill her for it!!’..

‘Chill Luna,tonight everything is going to be over,once the deed is done we’re taking a flight and leaving this country,not even the government can find us’..she said and I laughed…

‘Cheers to the future blood bath Omma’..


Shin Woo’s POV????

‘i am not okay!!!’..she screamed in tears and showed me the box which was filled with blood and a doll…

‘Oh God Min it’s okay,it’s just an harmless prank’..I said trying to calm her down and she cried harder…

‘This is not an harmless prank, you call this harmless???,see the note written on it!!!’..she said and I hugged her…

‘Look baby everything is going to be okay,look we’re going to leave right now’..

She shivered under my arms and I kissed her forehead..

There’s only one person I know who would do this and it’s none other than Luna or her mother….

I won’t let them hurt Min or my baby ever again..

This is the last straw for them and I’m going to teach them a big lesson…

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Five Minutes Later????
‘Take this Min,in case anything happens to you guys over there’..I said as I handed the gun over to her…

‘Jeez since when did you start keeping a gun?’..she asked and I laughed..

‘There’s a lot you don’t know about me baby girl’..I winked and kissed her cheek…

‘Stay safe for me, for us’..she said and I rubbed her slightly protruding belly..

‘i will,I promise’…

At Night????..
I was the only one in the house so I decided to keep myself busy by reviewing our concert budget when I heard a loud crash…

I jerked from my bed and picked up the gun beside me and slowly walked outside..

‘Who’s there?!!’…I called out but my voice just echoed around the house…

‘i said who’s there?!!!’..I called again and I felt a sharp pain by my rib cage..

I looked back and there was a masked man behind me..

‘Drop the gun and move down slowly’..he said and I obeyed him..

Oh God Luna isn’t here!!..

Min Ah’s POV????

♪i love it when you call me Senorita..

♪i wish I could pretend I didn’t need yah..

♪But every touch is Ooh la la

♪it’s true la la la..

♪Ooh I should be running Ooh you keep me coming for more…

I was busy singing when someone knocked on my hotel room door..

I went to open it and….


‘Hello wench!!!’..she screamed and hit me on the head and I lost consciousness…