February 5, 2023

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V C. Chapter 22

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V Couple.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 22

Fred’s POV

An hour ago, I had realized how she sealed her ‘thing’ with her p—-T on the first day that we wanted to make love.

I knew she could do the same , so while I kis–Sed her, I checked to feel with my hand if the area of her ‘thing’ is wë-t and it indeed was.

I had excused her to get a tiny pin, If whatever is on the face of her ‘thing’ is her real skin, if the pin touches it, she will yell in pain.

If it’s not hers, she wouldn’t even know.

So as we kis–Sed, with the pin already in my hand, I trailed my hand down to her sealed p—y and tore it gently with the pin while still kis-sing her passionately.

To my surprise, she didn’t flinch.
implying that the skin that covered her p—y is not hers cause a normal person would have yelled painfully plus blood would have spilled but I didn’t see such.

I gently threw the pin away after I had tore the space opened, I ki-ssed her more aggressively and I parted the area well with my hand.

I locked her lips in mine so she wouldn’t suspect. My hand finally get exposed to her ‘thing’.

I felt it with my hand, the shape was like that of a ‘thing’.

Implying that she really do have a ‘thing’ but she isn’t willing to let us make ló-ve.

I’m smarter than her today.

I began to rub the area with my hand as I tried my best to confirm if she is still flø&-wered with my fi-nger.

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“Oscar!” She called all of a sudden as she held my hand.

“Is anything the matter?” I asked looking into her eyes passionately.

“Erm…I need to use the toilet.” She said.

“For what? We are not making lø-ve, we are just ró-mancing, why are you been nervous?” I asked and I noticed she tried to touch her ‘thing’ with her hand but I held it and took it away.

She looked into my eyes like a child that was caught stealing.

She was dumbfounded, I played along too.

“Erm…” She coughed. “I need to ease myself. ”

“No baby, ease yourself on the bê-d, we will buy a new one.” I was intentional.

She knew she had been caught but I acted like her ‘thing’ was still sealed.