October 3, 2022

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Legend Of The Blue Sea. Episode 15

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????????LEGEND OF THE BLUE SEA????????
????(A tale of two worlds)????
•~A Korean Love story…

????Episode Fifteen????

Shin Woo’s POV????

‘I’ll kill you,you devil!!!..you left me on the road!!’..Min Ah cried and dragged her hair in the water….

Oh wow what a scene!!…

‘Leave her Min Ah!!!’..Baek screamed and she came out of the water with blood shot eyes..

Oh God I’ve never seen her angry before and now it’s scary….

‘Get out of my way!!’..she screamed and I noticed that her bracelet turned red….

Oh I get it now…

When it turns green,she’s a mermaid..
When it turns red,she’s super angry.

‘Min Ah wait,your bracelet is red now,you need to calm down before something happens’..I held her hand and she bit me hard…..

‘Leave me alone!!!!’..She screamed and something unusual happened…

The pond suddenly dried up and the ground began shaking..

‘Wh..what’s happening?!!’..Luna screamed in fear and held unto me tightly.

Min Ah ran away in tears and Kim went after her…

Shit!! I would have gone after her if only Luna wasn’t holding me down….

Suddenly everything turned normal..

‘What just happened?!!’..Baek asked…

‘A minor earthquake’…

Min Ah’s POV????

‘Are you okay?’..Kim asked and I nodded…

He sat next to me on the log and patted me on the back….

‘you can tell me Min Ah,I’m your friend remember?’…

‘i truly don’t know Kim,I guess I’m just pissed and jealous,Luna has everything, she’s bold, pretty, she dresses well and is troublesome too unlike me’..

He stood up and knelt close to me and clasped his hands around me…

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‘You’re beautiful,talented and bold Min Ah,I mean you stood up to the devil herself!’..he added and I smiled.

Kim sure knows how to make me feel better and loved….

‘Thank you Kim,you’re the best Oppa ever!!!’..I said and hugged him….

Shin Woo’s POV????

Ten Minutes Later????


They both came out of the woods holding hands and smiling at each other….

‘I think two are dating’..Luna said and I frowned…

‘What makes you think so?!’..I asked obviously annoyed and she wound her hands around my shoulders….

‘Just look at them Shin and see for yourself’…She said and I looked towards their direction….

Kim said something and she laughed so hard that it made me so angry…

Why am I so bothered??..

‘It’s none of your business so buzz off!!’..

She stood up and went into her own tent…

‘Hey Min Ah come over here!!’..I called and she ran over..


‘We have to talk’…I said and grabbed her into the woods….

A moment later????
‘What did you want to talk about?’…

‘Are you dating Kim?’…I asked bluntly and she frowned…

‘No why are you asking?’…

‘Because you’re both acting like you’re married and it’s annoying’..I said and she smirked…

Gosh did anyone ever tell her that she’s so pretty?!!….

‘Are you jealous?’…she asked and I stuttered…

‘Wh..wh..why would I be jealous?…just go this co..conversation is over!!’..I screamed at her and she ran away…..


I made a big mistake by talking to her in the first place….

I almost kissed those lips….

Shit Shin woo you have to get yourself under control…..

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At Night????……
We were all around the bonfire and Baek started a song…

Baek????:I’m only one call away,I’ll be there to save the day,Superman got nothing on me,I’m only one call away…

Suddenly Kim stood up and walked towards Min Ah…..

What’s happening?!!!

Luna lang’s POV????

Why is Kim grinning like a goat?!!..

As Baek sang with his guitar he walked towards Min Ah and knelt before her…

‘Will you be my girlfriend Min Ah?’..he asked and brought out a red rose….

Min Ah and shin woo stood up and before anyone could say anything….