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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 27

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Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 27

Elizabeth’s POV

“Your mansion is just like any other mansion.” I lied. I just do not want him to feel too big.

“Your father’s house must be better than mine.” He was ironical.

I understood what he meant and it hurts.

“Mr Ashley Romeo, I have a question for you.” I asked.

He didn’t say a word, he just watched me.

“Well, do you like me?” I asked gently and winked at him.

He didn’t smile.

“You think weird.” He replied briefly.

“I forgot you already said I’m too lowly to be considered as your wife but why do you make me sign that marriage document?” I asked.

“There are places I would not have access too unless I’m married. Marriage to me is very important. Since you act as my bride , you can act like my wife too but no love.” He said.

“Oh! so you want me to keep acting as your wife all my life? like I did not have something reasonable to do with it my life, there are many suitors in line who can’t wait for me to say ‘yes’ to their many proposals and you want me to be acting as a bride for you…It’s not considerate Mr Ashley Romeo.” I said.

“When have you become my teacher to tell me what is considerate or not. I’m rich, If you act as my wife, I’ll pay you. you did not have to steal.” He said and I thought about it.

My ears wideneed as I hear him talk about money.

“Hmm…have you forgotten about your bride totally? the one that ran away on your wedding day?” I intentionally asked that way, My voice had in it a tone of mockery.

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“It hurts but it’s none if your business. Are you accepting my proposal? I don’t want to force you anymore.” He said.

“Okay… are we going to have babies?” I asked.

“No! We could make love but no babies , no love. There would always be a pill you will be using everytime we make love.” He said.

“Practically, you are buying me. I can’t imagine growing old without a baby, It can’t work Mr Ashley Romeo.” I said.

He was quiet for a while after which he said; “I’ll get someone else to act as my wife then.”

“Oh!” I exclaimed, seeing that he is about changing his mind, I quickly asked; “How much are you going to pay if I act as your wife?”