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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 29

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Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 29

Elizabeth’s POV

As soon as the car that drove inside his house and came to an halt, Mr Ashley Romeo looked at my face and said; “Stay here, I will open the door for you.”

He stepped down and I sat happily, he must now treat me like a queen.

He did opened the door and on turning to him, he wasn’t smiling. He hardly smile, I wonder how people will know that we are happy in our marriage.

“Open that door very well, Mr Ashley Romeo.” I said intentionally. I was expecting him to be pissed but he just opened the door wider.

I wonder if this man ever gets angry in his entire life, despite all that I had done to him, he is always looking after me.

I stepped down and we both walked inside his house, as soon as we got to the sitting room, I ran to the kitchen, leaving him behind.

I went to pick two yoghurts, there were close to ten more yogurts there, I fear that that he may keep them away from me if I offend him so I kept one inside my p@–nt.

I walked back to the living room and still saw him standing.

“Sorry!” I said as I tore the first yoghurt, I began to drink it and stare at his face, waiting for his next line of action.

“Let’s go inside.” He announced and we both walked inside his room.

The yogurt was getting cold and dissolving on my p@nt, I was used to such experience, I use to steal yogurt when I was in school, I’ll keep it in my p@—nt and go ahead and drink it at a secluded place.

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Someone had once said I have being cursed with yogurt, maybe.

Mr Ashley Romeo went inside the room to shower, he came back with a tøwel rapped around his body.

“You should shower.” He said

“There is no need for that.” I answered as I drank my second yogurt.

“Come over, let’s make love.” He ordered.

He really looked firm and cute.

“Mr Ashley Romeo, did you know I’m flowered?” I asked.

“I really do not care, come over and let’s make love, I need to rest for the night?” He said.

“Maybe you should rest first, I have one more yogurt to drink.” I said and before him, I dipped my hand inside my p@—nt and brought out the third yoghurt.

I tore it and as I began to drink, I said; “Come and join me.”