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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 28

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 28

Elizabeth’s POV

“Should I also remind you that you are owing me money?” Mr Ashley Romeo asked.

“Oh! I thought we agreed that the payment is me coming to you to be your s—x slave?” I asked.

“But you were never one, are you?” He asked but I didn’t know what suitable answer to give him at that point.

“Pick one, be my s—x slave for another three days or you act as my wife.”

“Act as your wife, till when? Mr Ashley Romeo, I told you I have a life of my own to live.” I said.

“Despite the fact that you are owing me, I will also be paying you monthly for acting as my wife, all we would do in the marriage is to make love and act before the public as husband and wife, you should not tell anyone that you are merely acting as my wife.” He said

I thought for a while, I think I can use this to my advantage. I’ll agree and after the world has known, I will sue him and demand for half of all of the money he has and divorce him.

Afterall, as far as the public is concern, we are husband and wife.

“Mr Ashley Romeo, you said we can not fall in love, right?” I asked.

“Yes, we can’t. ” He replied

“What if you mistakenly fall in love with me?” I asked.

“You are not slippery, I can’t mistakenly fall in love with you, you are lowly and not my type.” He said and I got angry

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I stood.

“Why don’t you go for your type then? ”

“My type are not easy to find, I’d searched for years and haven’t found. You on the other hand should not make a mistake of falling in love with me.” He said.

Good! perfect time to get back to him.

“Me? fall in love with you?” I chuckled and clapped clumsily, not even in my wierdest dreams, you are not even close to being my type.” I said hoping it hurts him

“That’s exactly why you are the perfect person to act as my wife, so do you agree Elizabeth?” He asked.

“Partially.” I said, angry and disappointed that my words didn’t hurt him.

“What’s partially?”

“Fully then.” I said and he stood.

“Let’s go to my house, we will be making love this night.” He said and held me by my wrist as we walked out of the place.