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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 77

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 77

Elizabeth’s POV

“Oh! great, ensure you did not take any for the remaining hours of the day?” He said and fell to the bed.

“I’ll be back.” I said and walked out. .

I walked straight to the kitchen and looked around first to see if I’m being watched.

No! he may have a system that watches me in his house, there is no way he would see me outside.

I sneaked out of the house and took a cab to a beautiful restaurant, I ordered for fifteen yoghurts.

I had missed it so much, people there were wondering if I planned on selling the yogurts but they will be surprised to see me drink it all now.

I placed the fifteen yohurts before me and began to drink it, one after the other.

Even the fifteen was not enough but that should be enough for now.

I stood and eyed those watching me like I was weird.

I went back home, before I entered the house, I cleaned my mouth so he would not suspect that I took a yogurt.

I then went straight to the kitchen and picked a peppery food to eat, just so the taste of my mouth can change in case he wants to smell my mouth to confirm.

I was nervous like he had already known but I’m sure there is no way he would know I took yogurt.

I walked back to his room and already saw him sleeping.

Good, he did not even suspect anything

I laïd beside me and also slept.

Following morning, I woke up very early cause I couldn’t wait for Mr Ashley Romeo to announce me as his wife.

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I had cooked a delicious food for him, I would be celebrating my change of status with him.

I was even thinking of quickly going out to buy a very exorbitant cloth but I felt like, he should announce me first.

I had imagined myself going to work today and firing that big head guy that leads my department. I will tell Sam to lick my shoe or I fire him.

I will tell the female workers that were passing me around like tooth pick when I was trying to sign the time book few days ago to do frog jump or I fire them.

I finally heard Mr Ashley Romeo approaching where I was.

Good! It’s time. I was so nervous

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